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RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol

RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol

The RWA KG9 AEG is a semi-automatic airsoft pistol that has been around for many years. It is a popular choice for airsoft and paintball players because it is easy to use and maintain. 

The History of the KG9 

The RWA KG9 AEG replicates the real steel, Swedish-made Interdynamic KG9 Open Bolt SMP. Not to be confused, there is also an American version of KG9 – Intratec Tec-9. 

The Swedish KG-9 semi-auto started as a small, cost-effective military machine gun constructed from a single-drawn steel tube.

The concept was modeled closely upon the Swedish Carl Gustav M45 that equipped American Special Forces commanders in the early phases of the Vietnamese War.

The KG-9 quickly gained popularity among airsoft and paintball players due to its reliability and affordable price point. The Japanese company Marui introduced the gun in the early 1990s. It was one of the first airsoft guns manufactured with a polymer frame, making it lighter and more durable than its metal counterparts.

In the mid-2000s, the KG-9 was licensed by the American company Interdynamic and began to be manufactured in the United States. Interdynamic made some slight modifications to the gun, such as changing the shape of the trigger guard and adding a Picatinny rail to the top of the gun. These changes allowed for greater customization and made the KG-9 even more popular among players.

How Does the RWA KG9 AEG Work?

KG9 has the 7.4V, 1200mAh LiPo battery that powers it and tucks neatly beneath the heat shield. On the actual KG-9, the safety is located at the front of the trigger, within the trigger guard. However, the security may be pulled back against a piston and latched on a replica.

The Hop-Up dial on a KG9 is typically changed by locking back the charging handle. In some replicas, the Hop-Up may be adjusted through the mag well after extracting the magazine cartridge. The replica may take imitation suppressors with a -14 millimeter thread by removing the end of the outer barrel.

You must remove the thread guard, the barrel shield end-plate, and the bolt at the rear of the gun to gain access to the internal components. To enable you to tilt the upper receiver far enough to slide it off the front, you must also remove the outer barrel. If you overtightened the barrel the last time, just remove the front body pin to create adequate room for the upper receiver.

What’s inside may be seen by removing the upper receiver and barrel shroud. With the aid of Hop-Up housing or barrel, the upper portion of the gearbox slides out of it. 

The KG-9’s lone rattling is caused by a screw that can be found within the upper receiver. However, if you tighten it, the charging handle will be unable to lock back.

Authentic airsoft experience

The KG9 airsoft pistol uses a blowback system to simulate the recoil of the real gun. It has a metal body which gives it a realistic weight and feels. The gun comes with an adjustable hop-up system which allows you to customize your shooting experience. 

Today, the KG-9 is still manufactured by Interdynamic and is a popular choice for airsoft and paintball players worldwide. Thanks to its durability, affordability, and ease of use, the KG-9 still has its place in the airsoft world. 

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable airsoft gun and authentic airsoft experience, then the KG-9 is definitely worth considering!