New 9mm Smith and Wesson Equalizer

smith and wesson equalizer

The Smith and Wesson 9mm Equalizer is the latest addition to the company’s airsoft and paintball pistols line.

It is a friendly handgun for those with hand strength challenges or who are new to using a firearm. The equalizer is easy-to-rack and has different capacity magazines at ten rounds, 13, and 15 rounds.

Chambered in 9mm, the EQUALIZER™ is loaded with all the features you need to carry daily: next-generation EZ® technology, crisp & clean single-action trigger with audible reset, optics-cut slide with deep serrations, pic-style rail, and optimized grip texture.

Capacity: 10+1, 13+1, AND 15+1

Caliber: 9mm

Barrel: 3.675”

Sight: Steel, white dot

Safety: Optional thumb safety

Level the playing field with the newest Smith and Wesson equalizer!