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How to Use the AKV 521 Kalashnikov Airsoft Rifle

How to Use the AKV 521 Kalashnikov Airsoft Rifle

The AKV 521 is the newest airsoft Kalashnikov rifle available on the market. The AKV-521 rifle is designed by Valentin Vlasenko, the Director of Civilian Firearms R&D at Kalashnikov Group.

The rifle is a copy of the famous AK-47 rifle, with complete metal construction and weight. It’s been the most anticipated rifle from Kalashnikov in years, promising improved ergonomics and handling. It is the perfect choice for aggressive gaming for intermediate to expert players.

What Is the AKV 521 Kalashnikov Airsoft Rifle? 

The AKV 521 Kalashnikov Airsoft Rifle is an airsoft gun designed to look like a real AK-47. The unique firing selector system makes it stand out from other AK rifles. It’s 85% compatible with the TR3 carbine, the civilian counterpart of the AK-12. 

The gun has many standard features of the AK-47, including a side-mounted magazine and front sight. There’s also an adjustable hop-up system for accuracy. 

The AKV-521 also has a receiver split into upper and lower, both made from stamped steel. The top and lower assembly can be detached using just one takedown pin, similar to an AR.

The upper/lower receiver arrangement allows for simple barrel length and caliber changes. The AKV-521 has a 5.45×39 chamber. However, Kalashnikov Concern also intends to produce 500-series AKs with 7.62×39,.223 Remington, and .366 TKM chambers.

How Does AKV 521 Work?

Like any airsoft gun, the AKV 521 must be charged with a battery pack and high-pressured air to shoot. 

The classic gas-operated Kalashnikov-type mechanism with a long-stroke piston and spinning 2-lug bolt is used by the AKV-521. The charging handle has been shifted to the left side of the bolt carrier and is now detachable for disassembly, a significant change from the conventional form.

The charging handle is removable and located on the left side of the bolt carrier group (BCG). A Galil ACE-style spring-loaded dust cover protects the charging handle slot. A free-floating lower handguard is also included with the rifle.

The front pivot pin, rear takedown pin, and rear end of the recoil spring guide rod secure the upper receiver of the AKV-521 to the lower receiver. With a little AK-style lever on the right side and an AR-style selector on the left, the safety selector is ambidextrous.

How to Load and Fire the Rifle

Numerous AKV-521 components, including the trigger mechanism, are unmodified, and the weapon is compatible with standard AK magazines. 

While the safety has been adjusted to be ambidextrous and uses a shorter lever on the right side of the gun, the trigger system is comparable to that of other Russian-made AK-type rifles.

To load and fire the AKV 521, follow these steps:

  • Load your airsoft gun with an airsoft magazine or clip
  • Insert the magazine or clip into your airsoft gun and push down until it clicks
  • Aim your airsoft gun at your target
  • Pull the trigger to shoot

Tips for Using the AKV 521 Kalashnikov Airsoft Rifle 

Airsoft guns are not toys and should be treated with respect like any other firearm. No one under 18 should ever load them without adult supervision, and they should not be fired at hard surfaces or high speeds to avoid breaking internal components.

While the AKV 521 can be used for training purposes, there are a few adjustments that you will need to make for it to work correctly. The stock position and the gun’s sight might need minor adjustments that should only take about a minute or two.

With a solid full-length top Picatinny rail, the railed upper receiver and barrel of the AKV-521 are essential “permanently” linked to one another. This makes for better ergonomics and allows users to mount their favorite scopes. 

To disassemble the weapon:

  1. Remove the charging handle and takedown pin.
  2. Unlock and pivot open the upper receiver by pressing the back of the recoil spring guide rod.
  3. Remove the recoil spring and BCG from the upper receiver’s rear.

How to Maintain the AKV 521 Rifle

The most important thing to remember when maintaining this rifle is to ensure it is clean and free of dust or dirt.

Following these few steps to maintain AKV 521:

Clean the barrel of your rifle with a cloth, brush, and water. Make sure to get into all the grooves and nooks of the barrel as well as around the muzzle of your gun. 

– You should also clean your gun’s bolt, bolt carrier assembly, and gas piston assembly with a cloth, brush, and water.

– Apply a light coat of oil on all metal or metal-coated parts using an oiled rag, paying particular attention to areas where friction occurs (such as between moving parts).    

– While at it, apply oil on your fingertips, so they don’t get dry and cracked.

Worth a shot

The AKV 521, while not the most expensive model, is a versatile drafting and drawing machine perfect for gamers of all levels.

The machine’s design allows for versatility and ease of use that appeals to all levels of users. If you are looking for a modern, fast-paced, reliable AK-style rifle, you should consider purchasing one.