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Airsoft M1 Garand

Airsoft M1 Garand

The original M1 Garand rifle was the first semi-automatic U.S. standard issue in the military. An upgrade from the M1903, the rifle had made great strides in accompanying soldiers during World II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War of 1955.

Throughout the years, the M1 issue held the pride of the American forces as a superior bolt gun in comparison to slower models used by their enemies. Eventually, the rifle also gained popularity among the country´s foreign allies in subsequent battles.

Named after its North American engineer, John Garand, the M1 remains in use by marching units, military guards, and everyday civilians across the nation. 

M1 Garand Rifle for Airsoft Playground

Are you looking for a reliable army-grade airsoft gun to play field? The Airsoft M1 Garand is identical to the authentic military design of the late 1920s.

Aimed at providing the most authentic performance, the rifle’s stained, wooden gunstock and the antique mechanism will have you hitting the field as if the fronts of the Middle East were open once more.

Unlike plastic versions, the durable alloy receiver and barrel assembly make the model both lightweight and capable of withstanding weather elements. Shoot BBs with accuracy and precision from meters away with the automatic electric gun’s adjustable rear sight and Hop-Up feature. Focus the backspin on the pellets for a longer range with an on-target direction.

The inner barrel accommodates pellets of an average of 0.20 g and 445 mm diameter. Load as many as 20 rounds of air rifle pellets within the large-capacity magazine for prolonged shooting.

The magazine also presents a drop-free release for easy loading. With a velocity range of up to 400 FPS, the M1 Garand is ideal for veteran airsofters looking to play at far distances. The front and rear sling harnesses and stacking swivel provide versatile options for you to carry and stabilize the gun while aiming at an opponent.

The M1 AEG falls nowhere short of specs with its robust 9.6v rechargeable battery wiring and high-torque Version 7 gearbox set for fast shooting.

For more tactical shooting outside of the battlefield, the gun also comes with a bayonet lug near the muzzle. As with any realistic firearm, the model includes a trigger guard safety to avoid sudden discharging of the airsoft rifle.

The package contains a user guide with clear instructions on the use and care of this low-maintenance militia-themed airsoft gun.

M1 Features why people love it

  • Antique-style replica of original M1 Garand military rifle
  • Automatic Electric Gun (AEG)
  • Genuine wooden gunstock frame
  • Metal alloy receiver and barrel assembly
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Convertible Hop-Up
  • Low maintenance 
  • Attachable front and rear harnesses and stacking swivel
  • Tactical bayonet lug
  • Drop free magazine release; trigger safety guard
  • Includes: Airsoft gun, High-capacity Magazine, User manual
  • Batteries not in packaging

M1 rifle specification

  • Dimensions: 44.09 inches
  • Weight: approx. 8.25 lbs
  • Semi-automatic fire mode
  • Barrel: approx. 17 inches (445 mm)
  • Magazine capacity: 20 rounds
  • Feet per second (FPS): Up to 400 – 0.20 g BB pellets
  • Gearbox motor: Version 7, Short-type
  • Battery: 9.6 v (small)

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