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Do You Need a Mask For Airsoft?

Do You Need a Mask For Airsoft?

Airsoft is one of the most popular games advertised online right now. Yea, it’s exciting to watch, but there’s no fun like playing on the field in real time. Ever seen those cuts and bruises on the videos? They’re real.

Airsoft is no joke. It’s the same game that trains soldiers and police squads before they cut. So it’s no surprise that only the best-geared players are allowed on the grounds.

The truth is, without the right protection, you might not even make it past the first five minutes without scraping skin. And nowhere hurts more than having a BB smack you right in the face. 

You do Need a Mask For Airsoft

Airsoft pellets can be as light as 0.12 g but also as hefty as 0.40 g. Not only that, but different rifles can shoot at speeds of up to 500 feet per second (FPS).

Couple the weight and speed, and then picture that knocking you out. Proper masks aren’t enforced because the companies need the business; they’re here for safety. It’s a lot easier than you might think to lose an eye out there.

Some players would walk in as fresh as a mannequin and leave with damaged smiles or deep punctures. 
So yes, you do need a mask for airsoft.

There’s not much of an option against it anyway these days. Most states and countries now have specific guidelines for the game. If you want to play, you must be prepared.

What is Airsoft Mask?

To avoid the dangers of getting hit in the face, the airsoft full face mask should protect the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Those are the last places you want to leave exposed in the middle of a game.

A visor and an $8 box of surgical masks won’t do the trick. Airsoft masks are heavy-duty accessories but are worth the extra change. 

If you scheme the online stores, you’ll notice that the coverage does get lesser with varying designs. Now there are different versions of the airsoft half-face mask that will only protect the nose downwards.

These should pair up with a set of goggles or some sort of high-grade eye shield. G-Force offers an entire line of these masks on the market, but we recommend them for veterans in the game who know the kind of shooting tactics to avoid

The challenge is deciding which material is best for you. Airsoft masks come in either plastic or metal mesh. The plastic is, of course, top quality and unlikely to crack on impact. But they’re not very good at allowing proper ventilation during the game, and that too poses a hazard. 

That said, the metal mesh is a much better option for air circulation and is much lighter than plastic. Airsoft mask reviews also place it at a higher comfort level. The downside is that these might break more quickly, so protection is not optimum here. 

If the airsoft mask covers the entire face, make sure there’s also a layer of plastic beneath the mesh if a BB punctures the wiring – and it most likely will.

When there’s built-in eye protection, it’s essential to know how to keep the airsoft mask from fogging. There are many anti-fogging sprays and creams available for purchase if the material itself isn’t already anti-fog.

Will a Paintball Mask Work for Airsoft?

If you’ve been in the paintball business, then you’re more than likely to own some protective gear. Or, you might be dabbling into both sports at once and prefer to make a single purchase of equipment. We get it.

Initially, the airsoft community didn’t normalize paintball masks for the game because of safety issues. Not all fields permit its use. But today, paintball mask manufacturers have come a long way in upgrading the technology in their gear.

Many of the masks used for paintballing are now accepted and preferred over airsoft masks. Why? Because their new design is much more durable and flexible than that for airsoft. The fogging problems that come with airsoft goggles don’t occur as often with paintball eye protection. 

The same rules apply, though, when it comes to material. Mesh still isn’t the best option for protection, especially if it doesn’t come with a plastic layer.

Yes, You Need a Mask

There’s no point in missing out on the excitement for the sake of a missing airsoft mask. Quality matters in the game; safety always comes first. 

Put some thought into your purchase, and you’ll be ready to head out in no time.