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The Best Gloves for the Airsoft Playground

The Best Gloves for the Airsoft Playground

The top airsoft players of the year can’t give all the credit to their focus and detailed planning level. A significant part of their success comes from being able to make excellent shots with their rifle. Sure, it’s skillful to be ambidextrous, but without a pair of good airsoft gloves, those hands won’t get you anywhere in the competition. 

You’ll want to have an excellent grip on your gun, especially in the heat of the moment. But more than that, you need to guarantee your protection during the game. BB pellets don’t give soft blows, and the knuckles aren’t any less susceptible to injuries than other body parts. The right tactical airsoft gloves will keep you covered and keep pain at a minimum whenever you get hit.

So how can you tell which kinds of airsoft gloves are the best? Here’s an idea of the top 3 airsoft gear for your fingers this season.

Mechanix MPT-78-009 Wear 

The airsoft Mechanix gloves’ camouflage blends perfectly with the military theme of the airsoft field. Its secure thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wrist closure and breathable TrekDry backing make it one of the most comfortable gloves on the airsoft market. Its abrasion-resistant material coupled with the inner D30 palm padding absorbs shock and protects players from the effects of high impact BB shots. 

The glove is also created with durable synthetic leather that contours the hand’s shape to provide full motion and full dexterity. The fingers’ inner slots contain a double layer of fingertip reinforcement to keep the material from reaping at the seams – a common flaw in tactical gloves. 

A pair of these lightweight Amazon best sellers will guarantee to keep your head – and fingers – engaged throughout the entire game.


  • Strong synthetic leather base material
  • Abrasion-resistant TPR
  • TrekDry layer for proper hand ventilation
  • Shock absorbent palm padding
  • Snug fit to the shape of the hand


  • Some players claim that the gloves have an unpleasant aroma

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Nomex Flight Gloves

The ideal airsoft gloves for comfort, the Nomex Flight come from soft, 100% sheepskin leather. This detailed design is long enough to cover the hands and the first few inches of the forearm for ultimate protection against odd shots. It has been quality-tested to pull through harsh conditions with its durable and fireproof fabric and is a top choice for pilots, soldiers, and swat teams.

The wrist opening is laced with elastic fibers for easy open and free movement throughout the game.  The airsoft gloves’ black leather is an all-time favorite across the board, but the SouthBeachLeather company also offers green and tan airsoft gloves for more diversity.


  • Soft padding for maximum dexterity
  • Durable sheepskin leather material
  • Wear-resistant fabric 
  • Coverage up to the forearm


  • Gloves are not insulated to play in cold weather.

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Mechanix M-Pact Leather Framer

There is generally a great line of airsoft Mechanix gloves on the market, but these are by far one of the best for handling rifles. Like the MPT, this pair has a thermoplastic rubber plus a synthetic Durahide leather base.

The strategy is this design helps maintain abrasion resistance from all angles of the glove. The knuckles also have TPR reinforcements to protect the hand’s most sensitive parts from the pain of a BB.

The palm is padded with D30 material to reduce the impact of pulling the trigger or taking a hit. The glove’s inner surface contains micro-fleece fibers that provide comfort and warmth to the hand, regardless of the weather.

Most importantly, the gear’s fingers fit precisely over any player’s hand for snug wear when engaging the airsoft gun. 


  • Excellent choice for securing triggers
  • Thermoplastic rubber backing
  • Durable synthetic leather material
  • Full hand protection
  • Caters to the shape of any hand


  • Only available as tan airsoft gloves

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Choose Your Gloves for Airsoft

For the most significant airsoft performance and sweetest experience, stick to a set of quality gear. You could join the game with all the right shields, but none of that will matter without good airsoft gloves. Be sure to step on the field prepared to make the most out of your rifle. After all, that’s the aim of the game.