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Airsoft MP7 Gun

Airsoft MP7 Gun

The 2001 model of Heckler & Koch’s German Maschinepistole 7 is a personal defense weapon (PDW). It is designed to penetrate even the most rigid versions of Kelvar. Bulletproof vests and protective equipment render useless under the ammunition from such a rifle.

When the North American Treaty Organization decided to change firearm requirements for its member countries, the MP7 was first in line with these improved cartridge modifications.

It closes in competition with other popular defense weapons created in that period. The dual pistol-submachine gun maintains its usefulness and favoritism among SWAT teams and select law enforcement units. Similar models have thus disqualified themselves. The MP7 continues to see enhancements in its specifications. 

The Airsoft MP7

Elite Force/Umarex presents an airsoft rifle similar to the rugged-structured MP7 design. With its reinforced, tensile polymer framing, the BB gun projects 0.12 g pellets at an FPS of 240.

Precision is the only option with the Airsoft MP7’s flippable front and rear sights. Align your combat device from far distances.

The battery-operated gun contains a sturdy cocking handle to force out damaged or otherwise tricky cartridges whenever mishaps occur.

The gas-in-mag design backs up its rechargeable power source. It fires strategically as both a fully automatic and semi-mechanical machine gun with a high-capacity magazine, supporting 180 rounds of BB ammo. Built-in safety mechanisms allow for fun and free use of the firearm at any time.

In the middle of an airsoft game, the rifle assures a tight grip via its retractable shoulder stock. When handling the MP7, any shooting position is possible. Its hop-up feature allows players to increase their range and fine-tune hits with minimum air resistance.

A custom-type gearbox will enable you to step up your airsoft performance both on the field and during practice runs. Get creative on the battlefield with the Picatinny rail included in the package to mount up other airsoft gear and accessories. 


  • Durable, high-grade polymer (plastic) material
  • Lightweight tactical gun
  • Battery-operated airsoft rifle; not included in the packaging
  • Cocking handle; adjustable front and rear metal sights
  • Retractable shoulder stock for a comfortable grip
  • Functional Hop-Up; non-adjustable
  • Gas-in-mag feature
  • Picatinny rails for accessories
  • The product comes with a high-capacity magazine, battery, and compatible charger


  • Dimensions: 11 x 17.25 x 3.25 inches
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs
  • Functions in both semi-automatic and fully-mechanical fire modes
  • Magazine capacity: 180 rounds
  • Feet per second (FPS): Up to 240 – 0.12 g BB pellets
  • Gearbox motor: Customized
  • Battery: 7.2 v (small)