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What is the Best Airsoft Vest?

What is the Best Airsoft Vest?
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Looking for the right tactical airsoft vest?

There’s an inexplicable rush that players get mid-field during an airsoft game. The high adrenaline from shooting and dodging hits is fantastic. But do you know what’s not amazing? – getting shot without the right protection.

That can pack a severe sting, not to mention the welts and possible cuts or bruises. It’s never wise to walk into CQB without a good tactical vest.

But don’t go blindly picking a knock-off from the online stores. There are far more excellent quality airsoft gear around. The trick is knowing how to find the ideal ones for your kind of play. 

It’s not as simple as just choosing the most expensive one, hoping that it’ll stick. It’s crucial to consider factors like coverage, durability, and ease of access. And since none of these might ring any bells, here’s a guide to finding the best airsoft vest to see you through your game.

5.11 Tactical TacTec – Best Plate Carrier

The advantage of having a plate carrier design for an airsoft vest is that you have the option of using extra coverage against the impact of BBs. Pellets can hit pretty hard at velocities past 300 FPS.

Don’t worry about the weight, though; you can always choose to lose the ballistic plates or switch it with some light padding. Either way, it won’t hurt as much as a direct shot to the chest.

The protective panels of this airsoft vest also include airflow channels that guarantee extra ventilation during the game. With all the moving you’ll be doing on the field, it would be a good idea to get the 5.11 to improve your comfort.

Its 600D nylon base fabric, coupled with a micro-loop web, promises long-lasting protection for more than just a couple of games.

A lightweight vest like this would be ideal since you’ll already be carrying around a rifle attached to your torso. The good news is that even the shoulders have cushions to help relieve a load of added gear for the battle.

Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set – Best Carrier-Draw Vest

Airsoft draw vests have to be the easiest to put on. All it takes is a few buckles, and you’re all set. Condor offers an undeniable deal with this two-in-one design. Wide range chest plate protection meets convenient assembly.

Like 5.11, this design includes secure shoulder padding but with a bonus – MOLLE attachments. The vest consists of two mesh compartments in addition to its intricate webbing platform to provide countless options for adding on other necessary tactical gear.

Not to mention the six magazine pouches available for packing extra ammo. It’s a win-win with this one.

Lancer Tactical Vest – Most Versatile Cross Draw 

Though this airsoft vest misses the removable chest plate, it proves its adaptability in many other ways. Created as a one-size-fits-all, the Lancer includes adjustable velcro shoulder straps and a secure waist belt.

When it comes to micro-organizing, this is top on the list. It contains six ammunition holders and four mag pouches that can accommodate a total of 8 magazines. There’s also a large inner pocket for storing more accessories and a water compartment ready to hold at most a 2.5 L hydration bladder.

It’s is an excellent choice for players who plan on stepping in overprepared – but not overloaded

What is the Best Tactical Vest?

The right tactical airsoft vest is waiting for you on the shelves right now. Be sure to remember to check for longevity and quality performance.

You don’t want to notice loopholes in your gear when you’re already on the field. You know what you need; why not shoot for it?