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What is Hop Up in Airsoft and How Does it Work?

What is Hop Up in Airsoft and How Does it Work?

Many people choose to use hop up in airsoft because it adds an extra layer of realism to their gameplay and a more exhilarating experience.

Let’s learn all about airsoft hop-ups, what they do, and how they can affect your gameplay.

What does hop up mean in airsoft?

Hop up stands for high operation power up and all it does is give the BBs you shoot a little help by giving them spin. The more hop or spin you add, the more BBs will counter the effects of gravity. The less spin your BBs have, the more effective gravity they will have.

Nowadays, most airsoft guns come with a hop-up right out of the box. However, replacing your gun’s existing hop-up with a higher quality alternative is one of the simplest ways to improve range and accuracy.

How does a hop up work?

Hop up is an essential part of Airsoft replicas. Hop up works by putting a backspin on a BB before exiting the gun’s barrel. If you have ever played tennis or ping pong, you probably know that putting a backspin on a round object causes it to rise in the air as it travels along its flight path.

This is due to the so-called Magnus effect, which causes objects spinning in the opposite direction of their forward motion to rise and objects spinning in the same direction as their forward movement to fall faster.

But how is Airsoft hop-up able to put backspin on a BB?

Hop up is responsible for adding range to your shots, but how does it work? There are several different types of hop-up airsoft. All of them work via a “hop-up bucking” process. When a BB passes through the hop up’s chamber, it encounters a slight protrusion at the top of the chamber called a “nub”. The nub hinders the top of the BB for a fraction of a second, creating a backspin on the BB as it leaves the hop-up chamber and exits the gun’s barrel.

When the BB leaves the gun, gravity immediately starts pulling it down. However, the backspin on the BB created by the gun’s hop-up pulls it upward. It helps counteract gravity’s effect and limits the BB’s drop over longer ranges.

The key to successfully adjusting your hop-ups has everything to do with balance. In the case of airsoft guns, it’s the balance between too much hop up and too little. You need to find that sweet spot somewhere in the middle to get the best performance results in airsoft.

What gives you a longer range and better accuracy?

Aside from the properly adjusted hop-up, the most effective methods for increasing the range are adding a tight bore barrel, hop-up nub, and bucking.

Another tip is to polish or clean your inner barrel when you first get your gun and after any extended use in dusty or dirty environments.

How to adjust a hop up?

If you wonder how to set up the replica to have its maximum range, there’s only one way to do it. Find a safe and open location to test your rifle. Then fire ten to twenty rounds to warm up the hop rubber.

BB’s ideal path should be straight with a small upward arc. A perfectly adjusted bb will drop after hopping up again in the last 10 meters.

Most low-cost AEGs have a standard hop-up system that allows the player to adjust the amount of hop pushed onto the BB by turning a wheel behind the bolt in the dust cover.

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of realism to your airsoft experience, hop up airsoft is the perfect option. Enjoy your game!