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How Much Does Paintball Hurt

How Much Does Paintball Hurt

Does paintball hurt?

Players frequently experience a small sting when being shot at during paintball games. Many people describe it as feeling like a sharp flick on the arm.

The ball’s speed, the distance it travels, and the area of your body it strikes all affect how painful the impact is. Most of the time, the pain is minimal and subsides quickly.

This article provides detailed information on how much pain paintballs cause and solutions to prevent and alleviate any pain. 

How bad does paintball hurt?

Although paintball injuries won’t be severe, you should be prepared for small bumps and bruises after playing.

People experience pain differently, meaning there is typically no scale to measure how much it hurts. However, the common thread is that the pain is short-lived. Therefore, the pain of being hit by a paintball shouldn’t keep you from participating in this exciting activity.

Factors that determine how much a paintball hurt

Quality of the paintball

The quality of paintballs used in a game differs. The hard shell of the low-quality paintballs makes them difficult to break on impact. This implies that being hit by poor-quality paintball hurt more. On the other hand, high-quality paintballs may hurt less since they shatter more easily upon impact.

The distance of the shot

The distance between a paintball being fired and the target affects its velocity upon impact. So, the further away you are from a shot, the less it will hurt. The closer you are, the more powerful the impact will be. 

Most paintball fields have a rule that players must be at least 10 feet away from each other.

Area of impact 

The hand is one of the most common painful areas to get hit by paintballs. This is because your hands are always exposed by holding the paintball gun and reloading. 

Getting hit in the back of the head is fairly common in paintball games. It doesn’t cause lasting damage but can be a shock that can take you a few moments to recover. 

Paintball shots to the neck can be painful. People often have bruises on the neck after paintball impacts. 

Another area to consider when kneeling for cover or to take accurate shots is the inside of your leg. Positioning your body in certain ways can leave this area exposed. Getting shot inside the leg can hurt because it is a sensitive area. 

The groin is also a painful area that will hurt more than most other places in the body. 

How to reduce pain while playing paintball

So, we’ve given you an idea about how painful paintballs can be and what some of the body’s most vulnerable areas are. Now, we’ll delve into some of the best ways to protect yourself and minimize pain when hit with paintballs. 

Wear protective gear

Wearing protective gear when playing paintball is a must. You won’t be allowed to play without wearing a paintball mask and eye goggles. Most places provide masks for a fee if you don’t have your own. 

If you’re worried about the pain of being hit, there are some other pieces of protective gear to consider, which include the following:

  • Padded paintball jersey 
  • Gloves 
  • Helmet

When deciding what to wear underneath the gear, a hoodie, jumper, or long-sleeve shirt is best as it ensures that your skin is covered. Long-sleeve pants are also best to ensure that no skin is exposed. 

Follow safety guidelines 

Players must adhere to several rules when playing paintball to stay safe. 

One of these rules that relates to minimizing pain involves players only being able to shoot at others who are wearing protective gear. Paintball fields also have distance rules to which players must adhere. Sticking to these rules can reduce the players’ pain, as they can’t be hit at close range. 

In addition, players must shout “Out” if they’ve been hit. If unsure, they shout “Check” or “Paint Check” for the referee to check if they’ve been hit. This prevents players from being hit multiple times in one area, thus, reducing pain from consecutive hits. 

Use quality paintballs

Using high-quality paintballs means that the ball disperses better on impact, which can reduce pain. If you’re feeling like the shots you’re being hit with are especially painful, it’s likely due to the low-quality paintballs being used. 

Change your perception of pain

The fear of pain makes paintballs seem much more painful than they are. In reality, most paintball hits aren’t a big issue if you wear the proper protective gear. Once you’re out on the field and get hit for the first few times, you’ll realize it’s not something to worry about. 


Being hit by paintballs can cause minor pain or discomfort. Certain areas will hurt more than others, namely the hand, neck, and groin. However, you can minimize this pain by wearing the right gear. It should also be noted that the pain quickly subsides. 

So, be sure to consider safety gear, the quality of paintballs, and the paintball field rules to have fun and reduce any pain. 

Hopefully, the details found throughout our post have been useful in helping you to feel more confident about how much paintballs hurt and the various factors that influence it.