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Top 4 Best Paintball Masks for Ultimate Protection and Comfort on the Field

Top 4 Best Paintball Masks for Ultimate Protection and Comfort on the Field

Looking for the best paintball masks? We got you covered!

A paintball mask is an essential protective gear for anyone participating in the sport of paintball.

It protects your face, ears, and eyes from the impact of paintballs, which can travel at speeds of up to 300 feet per second.

When choosing a paintball mask, it is crucial to find one that is comfortable, durable, and provides good visibility. The best paintball masks are also lightweight and have a wide field of view.

The best paintball mask

Are you trying to find the best paintball mask available?

You want something that fits well and can shield your head and face from any potential hit or damage while looking cool.

This is critical whether you are just getting started or have established yourself as an experienced player.

But which kind of mask best fits your sense of fashion?

Some players want a highly soft foam to make something very comfortable. Others don’t care as much about protection if it means losing their ability to see. Some of them desire a thermal lens, UV protection, and style without sacrificing their peripheral vision.

What are some of the best paintball masks on the market?

1. Empire E-Flex

The Empire E-Flex is the offspring of the JT Proflex and the Empire E-Vents. The E-Flex is the finest paintball mask under $100 because it combines the Proflex’s and E-Vents’ best qualities.

You can benefit from excellent vision and breathability with the lens from the E-Vents and the ventilation from the Proflex. Although the vision may not be nearly as good as other premium paintball masks, its breathability is unquestionably the best of any mask available today (except for other lower-end JT masks).

The good news is that you won’t have to worry as much about fog with a paintball mask with more ventilation.


  • Easy breathing
  • Easy to communicate
  • Very comfortable
  • Lens removal is simple.
  • Affordable in comparison to other expensive masks.


  • Vision is obstructed by the Nose mask.
  • Only some color options are available as of now.
  • If you are shot in the faceplate, paint can get into your mouth.

2. Dye I5

The Dye I5 is regarded as one of the greatest paintball masks ever made.

Everything, from the soft foam with additional terrycloth to the extra-wide pad on the GSR Pro-Strap, properly fits the back of your head, provides the best grip and comfort, and ensures a comfortable fit.

But hold on—it gets better.

The GSR gear lock system, located on the back of the Pro-Strap, enables you to easily rotate a dial and adjust the tension holding the mask to the back of your head.

Of course, you can remember the compression-formed ears (often known as cheek pillows), which are soft, flexible, lightweight, and can increase moisture evaporation.

The Dye I5’s special anti-fog thermal lens also provides excellent visibility. More clarity and a superb field of view are provided by its 290-degree lens than almost any other mask on the market.

This could be because the lens is an optically correct toroidal impact lens or because it has a superior hard-coat dip that shields the lens’s two surfaces from scratches and abrasions and provides UV protection to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays.


  • Excellent field of view and clarity.
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • The back strap of the head is perfectly in place.
  • Has a separation in the foam for glasses.
  • Foam can be quickly replaced.
  • Lens removal is simple.


  • It is one of the highest-priced masks.
  • Difficult to breathe (not a lot of ventilation).
  • The mask is only ideal for the smaller head because it is small (it can be advantageous if you have a smaller head).

3. Virtue VIO Ascend

You can have it all with this paintball mask: great performance at a reasonable price. The Virtue VIO Ascend with an anti-fog lens can be purchased for less; however, it is preferable to spend a little more and obtain the Ascend with a thermal lens.

The benefit of not having to worry about your lens fogging up outweighs the additional cost. The Virtue VIO Ascend’s large peripheral field of view, which enables you to see everything around you, is another advantage.

You can see clearly because of its optical clarity, free of distortion. And if that weren’t enough, the thermal lens also offers 100 percent UV protection to reduce the harm caused by the sun’s rays.

Due to its single-piece design, the Virtue Ascend is incredibly comfortable and provides the wearer with excellent protection. This only demonstrates that a comfortable mask can be worn without an additional foam earpiece.


  • High-end performance is offered at an affordable price.
  • Outstanding peripheral vision
  • Easy to breathe.
  • Foam is easily replaceable.
  • Very easy to remove the lens.


  • Single-piece bodies aren’t extremely flexible.
  • Less variety in color

4. Empire EVS

This paintball mask offers you greater peripheral vision than any other mask on the market thanks to its enormous (and I mean huge) lens.

Even though it may not be self-evident, the Empire EVS’s cool feature is what most gamers find most appealing. The fact that there is a lot of free space behind the lens for players who wear glasses is another advantage of having a large lens.

You won’t have to worry about the triple-density foam pressing your glasses against the side of your face because it is divided into two pieces. Therefore, the Empire EVS is the best paintball mask for players wearing glasses.

Unfortunately, the EVS does have certain limitations, such as the obvious echo you hear when speaking while wearing the mask.

Due to little or nonexistent venting on the side of the mask, the EVS produces this echo. Because of this, this paintball mask is more difficult to breathe through than others.


  • Wide area of view.
  • Most efficient and straightforward system for changing lenses.
  • Excellent for players with bigger heads or glasses.
  • Replaceable foam


  • Speaking has a lot of echoes.
  • Over time, the earpiece’s foam wears out.


In conclusion, the best paintball mask is one that is comfortable, lightweight, and provides ample protection for the face and head. It should have a good fit and not obstruct vision or breathing.

The lens should resist fogging and scratching, and the mask should be easy to clean. Ultimately, your best paintball mask will depend on your preferences and needs.