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What is Airsoft Green Gas

What is Airsoft Green Gas

The word “green gas” is usually understood to mean “greenhouse gas”. This is another name for biomethane or biogas and typically refers to gases like ozone, carbon monoxide, methane, and water vapor. 

On the other hand, airsoft green gas has a different chemical makeup.

Airsoft types of gas are frequently referred to by a color system, though this is purely unofficial airsoft slang. The color system indicates a different power bracket and often a different use for each color. 

White gas, commonly referred to as “blue gas,” is the lowest power gas available and is best used in the summer season with GBB pistols that have polymer slides. 

Since it has a lower pressure, this gas is often commonly referred to as “summer gas,” and its constant usage in temperatures above 20 °C helps prevent damage.

The middle power level, green gas, is usually recommended for pistols with polymer slides and metal slides during the cooler winter months. 

Most airsoft players choose to power their pistols with green gas because it can be used throughout most of the year and works well, even though performance may decrease in cold weather.

Is airsoft green gas dangerous?

The primary component of the green gas used in airsoft is pressurized propane gas. Propane is a non-toxic, flammable gas when it is in its gaseous state.

The fact that propane is a heavier gas than oxygen and more difficult to remove from the lungs than oxygen makes it extremely dangerous when inhaled in large quantities, even though the gas itself is not toxic.

Note that it takes far more than a bottle of green gas to suffocate; therefore, using green gas to operate your airsoft pistol won’t put you in danger of suffocation.

Because green gas bottles contain compressed air, customers should be aware of some safety measures. Pressurized propane bottles can explode if not handled correctly, although it is extremely unlikely.

Avoid storing the green gas container in direct sunlight since this could create ambient heat, which will cause the gas to expand. The pressure that can build up inside the bottle as more gas is added makes it even more likely to explode when heated.

Simply treat your bottle of green gas similarly to any other household pressurized gas product, such as hairspray or air fresheners. Avoid placing the bottle somewhere where it can get dented or punctured. Keep it in a cool environment, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Is green gas flammable?

Green gas in airsoft is flammable because propane is its primary component. Airsoft players should never ignite or release green gas close to an open flame

Shaving cream and hairspray are two examples of consumer goods containing flammable gases. Propane gas is commonly used as an industrial refrigerant, so you might have been using items with propane gas without realizing it.

Is green gas or CO2 better for airsoft?

There are varying views among airsoft enthusiasts across the US. It depends on the replica, the airsoft fields, and the style of play.

Green gas is safer, easier to find, and easier to put into airsoft guns than CO2.

CO2 canisters tend to leak, which will shorten your gun’s lifespan and impair accuracy. This increases the reliability and affordability of green gas.

Compared to the smaller CO2 equivalents, a full bottle of green gas won’t need to be replaced frequently.

Which airsoft guns can use green gas?

Green gas can be used as a propellant in almost all airsoft guns; however, there are a few exceptions.

Firstly, never attempt to fill an electric airsoft gun with gas.

Not only will it be a complete waste of time and money, but it’s also possible that you’ll end up damaging your weapon’s internal systems.

Second, always check that your airsoft gun’s outer material is suitable. Cheap, substandard airsoft pistols will probably start to malfunction after a few months.

When it comes to performance, CO2-powered rifles, and assault rifles tend to perform better than green gas blowback airsoft guns.

Despite this, many individuals continue to use green gas in these kinds of guns since it is less expensive and easier to find.

Types of Green Gas

Vorsk Series

The VORSK gases are fairly new, and they come with various levels of power to fit different gas-powered platforms. Most VORSK gas has a lower percentage of lubricant, which makes it more accurate, at the cost of needing to be serviced more often.

NUPROL gas series

The NURPOL gas series offers a variety of power levels, each containing silicone oil to keep your handgun durable.

ASG Ultraair

ASG Ultraair is a green gas that doesn’t contain silicone lubrication. This gives it a slightly higher FPS than other green gases, but it requires more maintenance to keep your seals lubricated and your magazine from leaking.

This gas is excellent for those who require additional accuracy in their setup. But if you choose to use Ultraair, you must be extremely careful about maintenance and regularly lubricate the contact surfaces inside your pistol, as well as the gas route bucking and valve o-rings on your magazine.

Abbey Gas Series

Due to its reputable history, Abbey is one of the most well-known brands of airsoft maintenance products.

The Abbey gas range’s lowest power gas, 144a, has a power roughly equivalent to NUPROL 1.0 and makes a fantastic summer gas. This gas works well with polymer slide pistols, and if your gun gets a little too hot with stronger gases, it can be used to lower the velocity limits.


In conclusion, airsoft green gas is a widely-used propellant in airsoft guns. It is a blend of propane and silicone oil, which helps to lubricate the gun’s internal parts and reduce wear and tear. 

Green Gas is a convenient and reliable way to power airsoft guns, as it is readily available and easy to use.

However, it is important to follow proper safety precautions when using green gas, such as storing it in a cool, dry place and avoiding exposure to open flames or heat sources.

Cover photo by Daniel Stuben. on Unsplash