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CO2 vs Green Gas: Which One is Better?

CO2 vs Green Gas: Which One is Better?

CO2 vs green gas: Which one to choose?

The most commonly used gasses in airsoft are CO2 and green gas, along with simple propane.

Each gas has different properties that will function with various advantages and disadvantages that can have a significant impact on your airsoft experience.

Let’s look at the main differences between CO2 and green gas and check which one is better.

What is the difference between CO2 and green gas for airsoft guns?

The most commonly used gas is the green one. However, some shooters prefer the effect of a CO2-powered gun.

The primary distinction between CO2 and green gas airsoft guns is the propellant effect when fired. CO2 is purely carbon-dioxide. It produces a powerful kick when shot, giving it a stronger effect.

Green gas, on the other hand, is made from Propane with silicone oil added, producing a softer but still effective shot. Because of its low cost, this is still the most popular gas among shooters.

co2 vs green gas

CO2 gas

CO2 gas is pressurized carbon dioxide that usually comes in a 12g canister the size of a thumb. This canister is then inserted into the gun’s magazine.

The gas ranges 30-50 shots per cartridge, which may seem insufficient to some shooters. The shot from a CO2 gas gun, on the other hand, has a lot of power and has a faster firing rate. CO2 gas is a bit more expensive than Green gas.

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Green gas

Green gas is created by combining propane with silicone oil. Standard propane has a smell that could be unpleasing to the shooter. It usually comes in a bottle. It is directly inserted into the magazine using an adaptor.

This allows you to fire more shots than CO2 gas, but it also exposes your gun to decreased functionality in cold environments.

Green gas is gentler on the gun and acts as a lubricant when firing shots, ensuring that the gun lasts longer and reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

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Can I use green gas in a CO2 gun?

The answer is no for standard airsoft guns. The pressure from the Green gas is insufficient to allow the gun to function correctly.

The pressure from the CO2 is essential for the blowback process because of how CO2 guns are designed. Some guns, however, have been modified to allow this to happen.

CO2 vs green gas: Which one is better for airsoft?

When answering the question, Is Green gas or CO2 better for airsoft?, you have to consider the following factors: the mode of game you are playing and the weather.

CO2 is preferable for cold environments and fast-paced games, while green gas is preferable for long-conservative games.

Your preferences and the weather conditions will determine the type of airsoft gun you choose. It’s all up to you.