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Should You Use Airsoft Rubber Knife in Airsoft?

Should You Use Airsoft Rubber Knife in Airsoft?

If you were wondering if you should use a rubber knife in airsoft, this article is for you.

Let’s be clear. Bringing knives to the airsoft field is very inappropriate, irresponsible, and not allowed, but a rubber knife is something you can use, depending on the field rules.

When to use a rubber knife in airsoft?

One thing is sure – in airsoft, you will not use knives to stab, hit or slice someone, even if you use a rubber knife. A knife kill is scored by tapping an opponent anywhere on the body, and it is the only physical contact allowed between opponent players.

Having a rubber knife and using it is a personal choice. Some players don’t like to have extra gear but go for it if you want to use a knife.

There are some situations where they can be pretty useful. Knife kill is considered a silent killer, so the opponent you take out with a knife will accept it quietly without calling the hit.

If you’re playing CQB or it is quiet on the battlefield, and you don’t want to reveal your position when shooting, you could silently approach your enemy and perform a silent kill by tapping him.

If you can suddenly sneak up from behind your enemy, you do not have to shoot him from point-blank range. You can say ‘bang’ or use the knife.

Also, you can use a knife in case you run out of ammo. Or you can put a knife on your rifle as a bayonet to increase the range for a safe kill.

Airsoft rubber knife rules

If you want to use a knife in airsoft, you should know (and apply) three universal knife rules in the airsoft games:  

Use a floppy rubber knife

Get a bendy rubber knife. Never use a real, sharp steel knife.

Do not throw your knife

Be safe and professional. Don’t ever throw your knife at other players. Even though it is a replica and it’s not sharp, you can hurt someone. And you never want to do it. 

Do not stab, hit or slice with knife

Even though it’s a floppy rubber knife, you can still hurt someone. When you want to use your knife while playing, simply tap your opponent with the flat edge of the blade.

What are the best rubber knives you can buy?

If you want to get a rubber knife for airsoft, here are some recommendations you might find useful.

Cold Steel M9 rubber training bayonet

airsoft rubber knife m9

This knife is designed to look as realistic as possible. It can be used in solo practice, training drills, disarm drills, demonstrations, and any other activity where you want a reasonably close approximation of realism but not the extreme danger and risk associated with an actual knife.

Model Name: M9 Rubber Training Bayonet
Handle Material: Rubber
Color: Black
Blade Material: Santoprene
Blade Length: 7 Inches
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 13 x 4 x 2 inches
Item Weight: 118 Grams

Cold Steel Rubber Training Recon Tanto

airsoft rubber knife

This cheap Cold Steel knife is made from Santoprene, a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer that is a family of rubber-like materials). It is 7″ inch long, quite light and very durable.

The Santoprene rubber blades are soft enough to prevent the likelihood of most bodily injury. They do, however, have a level of firmness that might cause harm to the face or the eyes, so it is recommended that appropriate eye protection or a fencing mask is utilized at all times when using a Cold Steel rubber training knife.

Model Name: Rubber Training Recon Tanto
Handle Material: Rubber
Color: Black
Blade Material: Alloy Steel
Blade Length: 7 Inches
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 12 x 2 x 1 inches
Item Weight: 0.11 Ounces

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