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Airsoft mp5 Gun Overview

Airsoft mp5 Gun Overview

West Germany’s first-ever mp5 rifle emerged in 1964 under the name HK54. The following year, Heckler & Koch put the firearm to the test. And after going into full production in 1966, it soon became a regular defense weapon of the country’s police force, where it received the now familiar name, mp5.

Derived from the popular G3 battle rifle of the 1950s, the mp5 shares similar features to the older model. Although already issued for over ten years, the submachine gun only managed to fall into the spotlight after its use by the UK Special Air Service (SAS) in the Iranian Embassy Siege in 1980.

The mp5 became a famous firearm for multiple army units and SWAT teams across the globe from then on. Its lightweight structure and semi and fully-automatic firing modes have set forces at an advantage in numerous battles throughout history. Today, over 12 variants of the mp5 exist on the market, each with unique tactical points. 

Heckler & Kock mp5 Competition Kit

The airsoft mp5 is an automatic electric gun version of the successful HK54. Though intended as an airsoft rifle, its compact design makes the mp5 AEG excellent for close-quarter battles (CQB).

The firearm will be sure to leave a sting on any short-distance target. With a velocity of approximately 330 FPS coupled with its adjustable hop-up, the mp5 promises to deliver maximum accuracy shots. Its cocking handle conveniently opens to access its hop-up adjustment.

The barrel itself is made of hard-wearing metal alloy compounds, while the stock and receiver come from durable, compressed plastic that will last months of airsoft sessions.

The competition kit includes both a fixed and collapsible stock that helps players switch between mp5 A4 and A5 variations of the airsoft rifle.

Most importantly, Heckler & Koch designed this dual airsoft gun model to suit both left-handed and right-handed shooters. All features are positioned across the rifle in strategic areas that ensure your comfort when releasing multiple BBs from its high-capacity magazine. As a bonus, the package comes with 2 of these feeding tubes, each capable of holding 200 rounds of airsoft pellets. 


  • Licensed H&K Airsoft mp5 AEG
  • Dual capabilities – A4 (fixed style) and A5 (collapsible) stocks included
  • Ambidextrous control features
  • Injection-molded polymer-framed stock and receiver
  • Outer barrel made of fortified metal alloy
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • 9 mm rifle; 3-lug mount
  • Package comes with airsoft gun; 2 high capacity magazines


  • Dimensions/Length: 710 mm – 50 mm
  • Weight: 4.41 lbs
  • Semi and Fully-automatic safety fire modes
  • Barrel: approx. 8.26 inches (210 mm)
  • Magazine capacity: 200 rounds 
  • Feet per second (FPS): Up to 330 – 0.20 g BB pellets
  • Gearbox Motor: Version 2, Fully metal and upgradeable
  • Battery: 7.4 v (small)

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