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Airsoft Glock 18C Overview

Airsoft Glock 18C Overview

The original Glock 18 of 1986 was one of the most potent automatic pistols known to the military. By order of an Austrian anti-terrorist unit, the handheld gun was created for select-fire with options to function as either a semi-automatic or fully mechanized arm.

Between that and the fact that the Glock 18 could accommodate 1200 rounds of ammunition in one run, it was proven superior over its predecessor, the Glock 17.

Part of the pistol’s features includes its modified Browning cam-lock, an early design of the Browning Hi-power pistol. With only one pull of the trigger when set to entirely automatic, shooters could fire endlessly at their targets. But with so much power harnessed in a single 9 mm pistol, law enforcement soon banned the Glock 18 throughout the American content. 

Ten down the line, the Glock 18C hit the market as a safer and more manageable fully-automatic pistol. 

Airsoft Glock 18C

The Glock 18C Airsoft pistol mimics both the rare 1986 model and the compensated 18C version of the 1990s. Its upgrade to older version guns includes its ability to shoot 6mm BB pellets at velocities as high as 300 FPS. At 0.20 g, airsoft balls coming from that range will leave a sting from a serious game.

The semi-automatic repeater coupled with the pistol’s drop-free magazine makes the Glock 18C ideal for quick shooting in Close Quarter Battles (CQB). Maintain a tight hold on your firearm with its robust and checkered front and back strap.

Blowback actions allow the gun’s metal slide to reset its breechblock mechanically for the next round of pellets under high pressure. The Glock 18C’s fixed sights make the game feel even more personal with the range of windage adjustments available to the player. Its rear sight is releasable.

Increase the accuracy of a hit with every target made within a few meters. The shorter the barrel, the more convenient for closer ranged games.

This airsoft Glock model’s strategic design makes short-distance shooting more effective with its 3.9-inch barrel. The light machine gun has a high-capacity magazine – able to accommodate up to 50 BBs – to enhance the outcome of shots powered by green gas.   Seasoned Milsim players will love the tactfulness of this licensed pistol.


  • Licensed Airsoft version of original Glock 18C pistol
  • Lightweight machine gun
  • High-quality polymer-based framing
  • Glock Generation 3 design
  • Rugged texture for a firm grip
  • Lock-breeched pistol – blowback action on the metal slide
  • Fixed and removable sights for windage adjustments
  • Drop free magazine release
  • Tactical short barrel Milsim design
  • Comes with an extended magazine
  • Green gas supply not included in the packaging


  • Dimensions: approx. 8.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.89 lbs
  • Fully and semi-automatic fire modes
  • Barrel: approx. 3.9 inches (99.06 mm)
  • Magazine capacity: 50 BB pellets at 6 mm
  • Feet per second (FPS): Up to 300 – 0.2 g BB pellets
  • Power source: Green gas; temperature specialized

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