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Noveske N4: The Perfect Airsoft Rifle for Beginners and Experts

Noveske N4: The Perfect Airsoft Rifle for Beginners and Experts

The Noveske Rifleworks LLC-licensed N4 Gen.4 is an official AEG replica. The assault rifle used by Navy SEALs inspired the design of this firearm, which was created in partnership with APS. An M4/M16 evolution with intriguing features and a favorable price/quality ratio.

As for its intended use, the Noveske N4 can be used for both recreational airsoft games and more serious tactical training. Its realistic design and high performance make it an excellent choice for those who simulate real-life firearm handling and training.

However, it is also popular for casual airsoft players due to its high quality and performance.

History of Noveske

In 2001, Johnny “John” Noveske founded Noveske Rifleworks. Grants Pass, Oregon, served as the location where Noveske was first established.

In the beginning, the high-quality barrels that John personally twisted and latched for Noveske helped the company become well-known.

On January 4, 2013, John Noveske was involved in an automobile accident and died as a result.

Noveske is renowned for its wild advertisements, bizarre artwork, and sayings. But this energy fuels the company and, undoubtedly, what produced their most recent product. His wife, Lorina, still holds the company’s ownership, but she now named Mike Aland president.

The Noveske N4 replica is a model of airsoft gun made by Noveske, a manufacturer of firearms and firearm accessories. It is designed to replicate the appearance and operation of the real-steel Noveske N4 rifle.

Features of the Noveske N4 Gen.4

The Noveske N4 has several unique features that set it apart from other airsoft rifles on the market. For example, it has a full metal construction, a functional bolt catch, and a realistic gas blowback system. These features give it a more realistic feel and make it a popular choice for tactical training.

The Noveske N4 is very different from other AR-15-style rifles in terms of ergonomics. You instantly feel awesome holding this gun in your hands. Although it isn’t particularly heavy, it is definitely not light.

The Noveske N4 also has the benefit of requiring little post-purchase accessorizing, which is a nice feature. When you purchase this gun, you should be happy with its setup.

You will not need to tweak or modify this gun’s stock other than add your preferred optics and lights.

Here are the features:

Inner barrel bore (Millimeter)6.05
Inner barrel length (Millimeter)217
Electric blowbackNo
Replica Mass (g)2200
Fixation typeM-LOK, Picatinny
QD gearboxYes
Gearbox versionV2 gearbox
Hop-upAdjustable Hop-up
Inner barrel technologyAEG
Power (Joules)1
Power (FPS)330
Length (in use with minimal tuning) (Millimeter)550
Mosfet / ETUYes
Motor AxisLong axis
Propulsion typeElectric
Recommended batteryLi-Po 7,4V
Firing modesSafe, Semi-auto, Full auto
Sling mountQD
Empty mag firing stopperNo
Thread14mm CCW

Externally, we discovered an AR-15 platform base with a “full metal” body and an 8.5-inch NSR M-LOK handguard that can be customized to meet your demands by letting you add Picatinny rails and remove any unwanted rails to reduce overall weight. 

For the convenience of all players, the charging handle, selector switch, bolt catch, and magazine catch are ambidextrous. The three-position retractable stock provides comfort and lightness. The lower has a flared magazine well for quick reloads, easy magazine insertion, and an expanded trigger guard to make it easier to use with gloves.

Internally, there is a MOSFET SDU 2.0 with a Gearbox V2 SilverEdge. The replica enables you to get faster cycles and shorten the gap between each shot because of its MOSFET. You can quickly set your firing modes using its programming mode. 

By utilizing an Allen key and the QD spring guide, accessible through the stock tube, you can quickly adjust your spring and, thereby, your power.

T-Dean is wired with silver wiring, which improves current flow under prolonged usage. Additionally, the use of 8mm bearings, bearings on the spring guide and piston head, and other components enable smoother and faster cycles while protecting the mechanics from additional stress.

Summary of the features of the Noveske N4 Gen.4

  • A metal receiver with realistic Noveske engraved markings on the outside.
  •  8.5-inch NSR handguard with modular M-LOK system for portability and lightweight.
  • An ambidextrous magazine catch and shot selector, perfect for left- or right-handed shooters.
  • A retractable stock that can adjust to various morphologies.
  • Dead Air Keymo flash hider for a commanding appearance.

For Internal: A SilverEdge SDU 2.0 V2 Gearbox has the following features:

  • QD spring guides make it simple to swap out the springs and adjust the power to your preferences.
  • T-Dean connectors and low-resistance silver wiring for improved conductivity and reliability.
  • 8mm bearings, a piston head, and a spring guide on bearings for faster, more stress-free cycling.
  • SDU 2.0 MOSFET with cycle detection and microswitch contact. additional benefit that follows is that delivers reactivity and reliability and allows the use of batteries ranging in voltage from 7.4 to 12.5 volts. There are 5 firing modes in the programming mode.


  • The Noveske N4 is made with high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring that it is a durable and reliable firearm.
  • It is designed with several features that enhance accuracy, including a free-floating barrel and a precision-machined receiver.


  • The Noveske N4 is a premium firearm; as such, it can be relatively expensive compared to other options on the market.
  • It may not be suitable for users looking for a lightweight or compact rifle, as it is larger and heavier than some other models.


In conclusion, the Noveske N4 is a top-performing airsoft gun that is well worth the investment for both casual players and serious tactical trainers.

Its realistic design, high performance, and reliability make it a standout choice in the airsoft market. While it may be on the pricey side, the quality and value of the Noveske N4 make it an excellent choice for airsoft enthusiasts.