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What Is Airsoft Mosfet and Do You Need One?

What Is Airsoft Mosfet and Do You Need One?

Have you ever heard of Airsoft Mosfet?

There are many different terms associated with airsoft. One of them is the MOSFET system. If you’re an advanced player, you’ve probably heard of this term and already know some airsoft guns equipped with this system.

Did you know you can install it yourself if MOSFET is not attached initially to your airsoft gun by the manufacturer?

What is the role of Mosfet in Airsoft, what benefits does it brings, and is it worth the money? Let’s find out!

What is a Mosfet used for in airsoft?

MOSFET is an electronic system whose essential element is the Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor – a.k.a MOSFET. Mosfet can be installed in any electric airsoft gun. This system then changes the current flows through the individual parts in the airsoft gun.

MOSFETs change the direction of current flow, allowing it to bypass the contacts and flow directly to the motor. This keeps the contacts from wearing out, but this is not the only benefit.

Mosfet improves the operation of the gun and extends the battery life so that it can serve you for a more extended time.

MOSFET applications

Your electric airsoft gun will be more efficient, less prone to failure, and more functional due to the MOSFET system. It all depends on the type of circuit you select.

The simplest and cheapest solutions will prevent possible weapon damage, improve trigger response, and increase battery efficiency.

This can also provide you with an advantage on the battlefield. However, more advanced systems that increase the capabilities of the airsoft gun itself will have the greatest impact.

Do airsoft guns need a Mosfet?

The question is, Should you install Mosfet in your Airsoft gun?

Since it will protect you from some basic failures, installing even the simplest one in your electric airsoft gun is worth installing.

Whether you want to install more expensive and more advanced systems, first, you have to verify if a given system will be compatible with your gun and whether its use will allow you to use all the weapon’s capabilities and the Mosfet itself. Sometimes it is more profitable to invest in a new airsoft gun than to try to tune your current model.

You can buy ready-made MOSFETs or build your own simple circuit. Remember that it requires caution, knowledge, and precision in both cases.

Since these are delicate devices, you need to know how to install them in an airsoft gun. 

  1. Disassemble it
  2. Reassemble the system
  3. Reassemble the gun.

If you don’t feel confident doing it, ask a more experienced person for help.

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