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Interview with Dženis: Leading the Charge in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Airsoft Landscape

Interview with Dženis: Leading the Charge in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Airsoft Landscape

Meet Dženis Imširović, a prominent figure in the dynamic world of Airsoft and a driving force behind the Union of Airsoft Clubs in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As one of the founders and the esteemed President of this influential organization, Imširović has dedicated his efforts to promoting camaraderie, sportsmanship, and responsible engagement within the airsoft community.

In this insightful conversation, Dženis shares his personal journey, challenges, and vision for airsoft’s future in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you became involved in the airsoft community?

I am one of the founders and the president of the Union of airsoft clubs in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Well, a close friend introduced me to airsoft 13 years ago, in 2010. It was like a boy’s dream coming true, a real-life game. So, since then, I have been in love with airsoft.

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What inspired you to organize airsoft competitions, and how did you start?

After playing airsoft for years, I made a club in 2014. With some friends, I founded the airsoft club “Fortress” (SRK Tvrđava). Again, after a couple of years, my friends and I realized we needed to improve the status of airsoft to go to the next level, and in addition to this, there were misconceptions about airsoft.

Airsoft was often mispresented as an example of illegal or paramilitary camps by some media, making us Airsofters look suspicious. We also wanted to create a different level of competing, but the most important reason was that I wanted airsoft to be seen as a sport, legally, and to gain the same rights as all other sports.

So, I researched, found suitable competing disciplines, and introduced the idea to the representatives of other airsoft clubs. Many of them were positively surprised and accepted the idea. In the end, last year, in 2022, we started with the “Airsoft Master Federacije” (airsoft league), which includes competitions in 5 disciplines, and 12 clubs are competing this year.

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How do you approach developing new competition formats, and what factors do you consider when designing these events? 

I researched and looked closely at shooting and practical shooting sports, which gave me a lot of material for the airsoft league. We just had to adjust all the disciplines and regulations to airsoft. After a couple of months, we had five competing disciplines, three target shooting (pistol, assault rifle, and a bolt sniper) and two practical shooting (medium course for pistol and assault rifle).

How do you ensure that your competitions are fair and balanced, and what steps do you take to prevent cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct?

This is a good question. Since fair play is a pillar of airsoft and there is always a problem with players who do not play fair, we underline the importance of fair and balanced competitions. At first, we educated the players, especially the competitors, about the rules and regulations, there were many webinars and workshops, and then we educated and trained referees (range officers), etc.

Every competition has referees or range officers and stage masters from different clubs. There is a rulebook that defines all the elements of the competition, so every step during the preparation, organization, and competition must follow it. The competitions are also video recorded.

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What role does airsoft play in promoting teamwork and camaraderie among participants, and how do you encourage these values in your events?

By its very definition, Airsoft is a team sport and not meant for “lone wolfs”, so to play airsoft, you already have to be a team player. This is very important today because modern life is based on individualism, which, mentally and psychologically, is not good for people. It is even devastating for the human psyche. 

We need to spend more time with friends and colleagues, in nature, playing sports, especially a fair play sport. Even the airsoft league is a competition among clubs, the players compete for their clubs, and after the competition, there is always a game, then maybe a lunch or barbecue so we spend time together, all the clubs together. This is also the value that we all promote all the time.

What’s the latest airsoft competition you organized?

The last competition we, the Union, organized was the airsoft league of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of course, this is in cooperation with airsoft clubs. There is the summer break because there are many Milsim events, and we start again in September, so I would like to invite you to join us and visit us. The next airsoft event is a Milsim game OP. Freedom V: “Europe at war” on 24/25. June 2023, organized by the club where I come from (Tvrđava). It is one of the biggest Milsim games in the country.

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What different kinds of competitions do you organize?

We organize Milsim and charity games in coordination with airsoft clubs and the Airsoft Master, the airsoft competition league. 

What challenges do you face in organizing airsoft events, and how do you overcome them?

The challenges we face are various, but the biggest one is that airsoft is not legally recognized, which attracts a list of other problems and complications, such as lack of official support, having problems getting certain licenses, permits, etc. The other big challenge is the finances. Since airsoft is not legally a sport, there is a small possibility of getting some funds from the budget. This means the clubs must find sponsors and supporters directly, which is a problem. Sometimes it is too expensive for some players to travel across the country to play airsoft.

Are there ever conflicts or disputes between competitors? How do you handle them? 

Airsofters are only humans, so there are sometimes minor conflicts everywhere around the world wherever airsoft is played. In Milsim games, moderators and in-game moderators observe and react if somebody is playing against the rules. Each rule is in the rulebook, and if players play against the rules, there are consequences according to the book, which vary from warning to exclusion from the game.

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What advice would you give to someone interested in starting an airsoft?

I advise, “Don’t hesitate. Start it as soon as possible, and you will never have money for anything else”. ☺

To be serious, if you love nature, adrenaline, adventure, and good friendships, you should try airsoft, especially today in the 21st century when life is full of technology, and people are increasingly isolated.

How can someone participate in your competitions?

Any member of an airsoft club can participate in a Milsim game, but only members of the Union can participate in the airsoft league competition. I would also like to use this interview to invite all European airsoft clubs to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and enjoy some good airsoft and Bosnian hospitality. 

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Finally, what do you enjoy most about organizing airsoft competitions, and what motivates you to continue working in this field?

The most beautiful part of organizing airsoft competitions is the smiles on the faces of the players and the comments of amazement. You can call it successful when you finish a certain event and see nobody was hurt. Then you can add the feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Of course, the first thing is the love and passion for airsoft. Without these two, nobody would drag me into the forests and mountains to get dirty, muddy, and sweaty and even pay for it.

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