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How the New Airsoft Legislation Will Impact the Future of Airsoft

How the New Airsoft Legislation Will Impact the Future of Airsoft

If you’re an airsoft enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the new airsoft legislation set to take effect in 2023. Now you’re wondering what the new legislation involves and how it will affect your airsoft experience.

Every airsoft gun, paintball gun, and maybe even a GelBlaster would need to receive third-party conformity certification paperwork from the manufacturer under the new rule, which would go into effect on June 26, 2023. This makes any arriving cargo seizable and potentially unlawful as any upcoming shipments without certification, according to Amped Airsoft.

The impact on Airsoft community

Retailers of airsoft products may have difficulties due to the law’s immediate restrictions, which might also block imports and cause possible company closures. Dealers would also have the added burden of filing a ton of paperwork to comply with the new rules.

What can you do?

Given the urgent nature of the crisis, the airsoft community must enthusiastically embrace these suggested specifications. Without a strong and united response, these regulations may go into effect as soon as this month. Businesses in the airsoft sector should take an active role in the process, express their concerns, and keep up with developments.

CSPC regulation changes to Airsoft

According to the CPSC, the certification requirements under the Imitation Firearms Act regulations now apply to airsoft weapons.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has replaced the Department of Commerce as the organization in charge of airgun regulation. This was one of those tiny paragraphs that a few members of Congress inserted late last year into much larger “must pass” legislation. The CPCS has now published what it considers to be minor revisions to the rules governing the identification and marking of specific items that are nested within our industry in response to that change.

While the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates all airgun goods, this regulatory change does not affect the legislative exemptions for classic B-B, paintball, and pellet shooting airguns.

This move affects the airsoft industry and other new and rising industry sectors, such as foam blasters and gel pellets, which do not benefit from the previously indicated exception.

The rule is effective June 26, 2023, unless CPSC receives significant adverse comments from the Airsoft community. The due date to submit the comment was by June 12, 2023. If CPSC receives such comments, it will publish a notice in the Federal Register withdrawing this direct final rule before its effective date.

For more information, watch the full video from PewDieRy Airsoft.

Click on the following link to access the CPSC proposed law publication: https://www.regulations.gov/document/CPSC-2023-0021-0001