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How Much Does It Cost to Play Airsoft?

How Much Does It Cost to Play Airsoft?

A guide on how much does it cost to play Airsoft.

You’re considering starting airsoft for the first time; however, all you see on social media are people dressed up in their operator load outs and carrying replicas with customized sights, lasers, and other gear.

You might think, “That’s exactly how I want to look,” but when you start looking for airsoft gear online and comparing prices, you feel slightly overwhelmed. The question is, how much does it cost to play Airsoft?

Luckily, several airsoft gun manufacturers are working to develop more affordable airsoft guns, and airsoft playing fields are lowering the cost of their rental equipment.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the essential details about what you’ll need to play an airsoft game, including the gear you’ll need and an estimate of the cost of playing Airsoft. This should help you estimate how much money you’ll need to spend on airsoft gunplay.

Let’s dive deeper and see how much does it cost to play Airsoft.

The basic cost of Airsoft equipment

There are several affordable options if you want to rent a space or buy an airsoft gun.

The first is the airsoft arena, where entry is just $10 during the week and $20 on weekends.

Several options are available on the market if you don’t own an airsoft gun. There are expensive airsoft guns and more affordable models.

The more affordable ones will cost anywhere from $100 to $300. However, WikiHow says the cheapest ones can be purchased for just $12.

But more than toy guns are required while playing airsoft in an arena. To play it safe, you will also require the right gear.

Your primary weapon will be an airsoft rifle or shotgun, and your sidearm will be a pistol.

Your protective gear should include a sidearm holster, a vest to cover your body, a helmet to protect your head, goggles to protect your eyes, and other add-ons.

If you have your own gear, you could use it. The arena’s owners will rent them to you if you don’t.

The standard rental fees

If you want to play airsoft guns, you’ll need a field or arena where you and your friends can play safely and without risk.

However, before entering the arena, you are presumed to be familiar with the game’s rules. For your safety, that is absolutely essential.

The cost of renting an arena

According to Yahoo.com, a typical day at the arena costs $20 to $30.

The actual amount will vary depending on the kind of field you use and the games you wish to play with your friends.

MilSim, Outdoors, and CQB are the three categories under which most airsoft games fall.

The military simulation known as MilSim will pit your team against another team in an armed confrontation.

Outdoors, you will use airsoft guns with higher velocities, ranging from 400 to 500 feet per second. You can play CQB indoors with 350-fps firearms.

As you can see, each of these three game types uses a separate set of fields and gear.

The primary determinants of how high the overall cost will depend on the type of game and the field where you will play it.

One airsoft venue charges $10 for four hours on Mondays through Thursdays to give you an idea of how much renting an arena costs.

On weekends, the cost of renting this identical arena for four hours is doubled to $20.

You can also choose group packages if you have many people on your team.

From 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, a group package will cost you $499.

From 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays, and from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., Fridays, you can get the Captain package for $599.

Colonel, a more pricey but exciting package, is available from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturdays and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays for $799. People who are employed prefer this schedule.

Cost of the basic rental gear

Lacking personal gear? That is not an issue. Most airsoft arenas allow players to rent gear when they arrive.

According to Black Tiger Airsoft.com, one arena hires out its gear in a package that includes every essential item you’ll need to play a game and have fun.

This bundle comes with a top-of-the-line airsoft automatic electric rifle, an improved and fully charged smart battery pack with roughly 2000 NiMah, a mid- or high-capacity magazine for the airsoft gun that can hold up to 330 rounds of ammunition, and free magazine refills all day.

Along with one face mask for your eye and facial safety, this arena will also give you one admission ticket to the match.

You will have to pay $60 for this package in total. A mask is also available for a separate rental of $10. This package has the lowest price you can find.

Each arena requests that you make a reservation one week before you plan to play airsoft games there.

The reason is that they only have a certain amount of rental gear available, so reservations are required before they can be obtained.

You must also provide a cash deposit or leave your driver’s license as a guarantee.

Purchasing gear

After playing a few games, you are now itching for your own gear and fortunate enough to have some extra cash. It’s time to consider your preferred gameplay and play style and to start making your wish list following your preferences.


Most gamers choose the basic Multicam (MTP) uniform or the darker Woodland (DPM), while a small percentage choose black and customized loadout. The variety of camouflage is astounding, and keep in mind that in addition to being quite tactical, part of the fun is dressing up as your favorite hero!

You can buy military surplus and other things related to the military from a wide range of online retailers. Amazon is the next-best site to start your browsing after eBay. Many former service members sell their old uniforms, frequently kept in excellent condition. You can purchase one for about $60. 


After purchasing the uniform, it is advised to continue in the same fashion. All accessories should be bought on eBay and Amazon; they are of great quality and are budget-friendly.

Purchasing a face mask with soft padded nylon fabric cheek sides that ensure comfort throughout the day is recommended. Tactical gloves cost around $20, while a face mask is around $22. 

Tactical vest

Playing all day without a vest can be a nightmare, especially if you need more magazines to play the entire game without reloading. Additionally, carrying a bottle of BBs around daily can get a little heavy and awkward.

It won’t take long to find a high-quality vest that matches your loadout; be sure to use the right abbreviation when searching for camouflage, like “DPM,” to narrow your search.

On eBay and Amazon, a tactical vest costs around $25 to $35.


Choosing the fitting helmet can be crucial to your experience playing airsoft, particularly if you rush to reach structures, objectives, or helmets that find cover.

On eBay and Amazon, helmets cost around $25.

Military boots

One of the first things new airsoft players are advised to do is purchase a nice pair of boots above ankle height, preferably full leather or waterproof.

Most sports-related injuries are ankle-related since players frequently don’t wear the proper footwear when playing. When playing in the woods, keep in mind that you will be racing over dirt, stones, and wet areas; it won’t take much to lose your footing and cause some injury.

On Amazon, you can find military boots that cost around $25-$35.

Eye protection

Eye protection is the most important. You can only buy the cheapest item on the market to protect your eyes from BB pellets flying 350 feet per second.

Be careful when purchasing eye protection because some glasses and goggles are of poor quality and will shatter when hit. To test a new pair, shoot one or two BBs at the lens from a close distance.


In conclusion, airsoft is a sport that has a wide range of player investment. The cost of playing airsoft varies depending on the equipment you need and how often you play. 

However, it is generally a relatively inexpensive hobby that people of all ages can enjoy.