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How Much Does Airsoft Cost?

How Much Does Airsoft Cost?

When it comes to playing airsoft, the first question is often How much does airsoft cost?

Are you involved in airsoft, or are you planning to do it? In that case, you first need to get a quality weapon for airsoft! If you do not know what to choose, check the complete weapons offer before buying and choose the best offer.

The equipment can cost from a few to two thousand dollars and more. Whether cheap or expensive, every piece of equipment finds its target audience.

In this article, find out what you really need to start playing airsoft, how much the airsoft equipment approximate costs. Let’s see how much money you’ll have to spend on playing with airsoft weapons.

How much does airsoft cost?

If you’re looking for a place to rent or an airsoft gun to buy, there are plenty of budget-friendly options.

However, to play airsoft in an arena, you need more than just toy guns. To play safely, you will also need the right equipment.

The main weapons are an airsoft rifle or shotgun and a pistol as a sidearm.

The basic equipment will include a helmet and goggles to protect your head and eyes, a vest to protect your body, a holster for a sidearm, and other optional accessories. You can buy your own equipment or simply borrow it from the arena operators.

If you don’t own an airsoft gun, you can easily buy an affordable, cheaper one, as well as those top-of-the-line.

There are several top models of guns, but it’s better to start with guns designed for newbies if you’re a beginner.

What do you need to start playing: Basic costs

It all depends on how seriously do you want to take airsoft.

If you’re serious about playing airsoft, you’ll have to spend a reasonable amount of money to buy an airsoft gun and beginner-friendly airsoft safety gear.

With airsoft guns, just like with any other product or equipment, you will get what you pay for. To be honest, the cheaper models don’t really give you the best value for your money.

There’s a wide range of guns you can choose from, from relatively cheap and short-lived to quite expensive and long-lasting. The actual price depends on the model of the airsoft gun, its specifications, and options.

If you really want to get into the sport, you should expect to spend between $180 and $240 for a gun, putting you in the middle range. The specifications for cheaper airsoft gun models are usually only valid for the first few uses because they wear out pretty quickly.

Essential airsoft gear

Technically, you can start with about $150 worth of equipment, but have in mind that you won’t have as much fun with low gear as you’d with better, at least mid-level gear.

If you can, spend a little more to enjoy your airsoft experience better.


While there are cheap guns that cost significantly less than $100, you’re better off with a rifle that costs between $150 and $200.

The most commonly recommended rifle for beginners is an automatic electric rifle (AEG). These tend to be more affordable while offering high reliability.

The package usually includes a magazine, a battery, and a charger. With a full charge, you should have plenty of time to play.

AEGs are easy to charge. You just have to plug them overnight, and it will be fully charged for the next day.

Try AEGs from brands like Elite Force, G&G, and Lancer Tactical for the best experience.


Cheap BBs are available for as little as $15 for a few thousand rounds, but you might want to spend a few dollars more to get higher-quality BBs and pellets. Also, some airsoft clubs don’t allow cheap-quality BBs since they can be dangerous in the field.

The cheap BBs can break into your weapon, which will ruin your weapon.

BBs usually provide greater range and accuracy, making airsoft much more enjoyable.

Check out what ammo does Airsoft use.


Even as a beginner, you need a good magazine that you can rely on to load ammo into the rifle.

Opt for a high-capacity magazine that will give you hundreds of rounds per clip, so you don’t have to count every shot.

An all-metal magazine is essential because plastic magazines have an unacceptable margin of error.

A good high-capacity full metal magazine only costs about $30, or a little bit more.

Protective equipment

There are several pieces of protective equipment you should get:

Safety glasses

Never play without goggles because you can get injured or lose an eye.

The goggles must be fog-free so that you can clearly see what’s going on while playing. You can get one of the safety glasses for about $20 to $30.

Full Face Mask

The face mask is essential for beginners, even if they’re not mandatory for some airsoft clubs.

Getting hit right on your face won’t be pleasant, especially at close range.

Besides, a full-face mask doesn’t add much to the cost, as you can spend $30 and get a nice set with good goggles.

How much money are you willing to spend?

There are different brands on the market, categorized as high-end, mid-level, and low-end.

If you’re going to buy multiple upgrades for your airsoft gun (ASW), don’t waste money buying the cheapest ones. Instead, buy an airsoft gun that’s at least mid-range. In this category, you’ll also find some more trustworthy brands like Lancer Tactical, Ares, and ICS Airsoft.

At the lower end of the spectrum are so-called clone brands like Galaxy, Colt, and UK Arms. Clone brands replicate the models of higher-end brands but use lower-quality materials and sell them at a lower price. These brands can be a good option for airsoft beginners. Brands at the high end of the spectrum include G&G, LCT, and Salient Arms.


Buying your own airsoft equipment is a more expensive option because if you don’t like it after the first time you play, you will lose all the money you invested. Before diving deeper into airsoft, consider all options and choose the one that best works for you.

Airsoft is an expensive sport both for pro players and newbies, but the fun you get is definitely worth it.

In the end, Airsoft costs as much as you want it to. You can do it very cheaply and still have loads of fun. The choice is all yours!