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CM-8M: MIRA Safety Gas Mask

CM-8M: MIRA Safety Gas Mask

The official reveal of the CM-8M, new Mira safety gas mask.

A safety gas mask is one of the essential pieces of gear you can have a gas mask. It protects your lungs from harmful particulates in the air, like dust, smoke, and yes – even BBs.

Of course, not just any old gas mask will do. You need a gas mask that’s comfortable to wear, won’t fog up your glasses, and above all – it’s budget-friendly. That’s where the MIRA Safety CM-8M, tactical full-face respirator, comes in.

The Mira safety CM-8M is a military-grade gas mask designed for comfort and durability. The mask is made from a soft neoprene rubber that’s comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. And because it’s designed for military use, you know it can stand up to even the most intense airsoft battles.

The wide field of view is one of the best features of the new CM-8M. The lenses are big enough that you won’t have to worry about fogging up – no matter how hard you play. And because they’re also shatterproof, you won’t have to worry about them breaking if you take a hit from a BB.

The filter on the CM-8M is also replaceable so that you can use it over and over again. And when it does finally come time to replace it, it’s easy to do – no special tools or training required.

Its military-grade construction means it can withstand even the most intense airsoft battles. At the same time, the broad field of view and replaceable filter make it a wise investment for any serious airsoft player.