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A Closer Look at the Airsoft Cyma AK47

A Closer Look at the Airsoft Cyma AK47

Review of Cyma AK47

The AK47 has been one of the most famous guns since it was adopted in 1949 by the Soviet military. It was designed in 1947 in the Soviet Union by a Russian small-arms dealer, Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov.

The “AK” in the name stands for “Avtomat Kalashnikova” or “Automatic Kalashnikov” after the designer himself, while “47” represents the year in which its design was completed. In World War II, the Soviets were quite impressed with the Sturmgewehr 44 rifle used by the Germans.

This inspired Kalashnikov, who was already upset with how the Soviets assigned only one rifle to three or four soldiers combined while the Germans had automatics. He, a soldier himself, set on a mission to design a rifle capable of automatic and semiautomatic firing.

The gun, also called the weapon of the century, was designed primarily for foot soldiers who were expected to endure arduous physical and weather conditions on the battlefield. 

The assault rifle is lightweight, making it the perfect shoulder weapon, yet it can carry a lot of ammunition, so the soldiers don’t have to worry as much about backup ammo. Its rugged yet reliable design meant it would survive any kind of poor handling or extreme weather. 

The simple design of the gun was especially beneficial for child soldiers and amateurs who didn’t exactly know what they were doing. The rifle could easily be dismantled into parts and then put back together without much confusion.

To get a better idea of the gun, let’s discuss the design and features of the Cyma AK47, a popular choice among airsoft field rifles. By the end of this article, you’ll know precisely why Cyma AK47 is the perfect rifle for you and from where you can get it.

Design of the Cyma AK47 

The Cyma AK47 comes in multiple variants for you to choose from. The internal design, however, still consists of the high-quality internal mechanism of a classic AK47. The firearm comes with a 500-round high-capacity magazine, so you don’t have to take frequent breaks to reload the rifle. 

The gun is also equipped with a V3 gearbox and an 8.4-volt battery to power it up. It can send BBs downrange at approximately 330 FPS. The rifle has a selector to switch between automatic and semi-automatic firing and is compatible with all other AK47 AEG magazines for your convenience.

The outer barrel of the rifle can be made of imitation wood or polymer furniture, whatever you prefer. The rest of the rifle is built from high-quality metal that gives you the feel of a real and high-end AK47.


  • Total Length: 34.3 in /870 mm
  • Inner Barrel: 409mm
  • Weight: 7.63 lbs / 3.46 kg
  • Magazine: 500 Rounds
  • Battery: 8.4V
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic, Full Automatic, Safety
  • FPS: ~330
  • Hop-up: Adjustable
  • 1:1 scale full-size replica

Airsoft Cyma AK47 Review 

Before the review, let’s be clear that the Cyma AK47 is a rifle designed for the airsoft field. So, it can’t be as accurate and high-power as a high-end AK47. That being said, the Cyma AK47 is still the best budget airsoft AK47 rifle available in the market and gives you admirable performance.

While reviewing the Cyma AK47, we kept in mind the most important things you’d need in the gun as a user.


Users were very impressed with the durability and build of the rifle and claimed that it exceeded their expectations. The gun smoothly went through many rounds with little to no malfunctions and was definitely a winner compared to the competition rifles of the same price range.

Apart from some wobbly stocks due to excessive use, no user had any major issues.


Users found the gun to give consistent shot patterns at ranges out to 75-100 feet, holding its own remarkably throughout the rounds.

Another user expressed their love for the gun and how it was a perfect shot for a distance of 150-200ft away with .25s and minimum hop adjustment.

Though the accuracy and range can’t match that of a 400 FPS AK47, the Cyma AK47 

It is great for mid to long-range engagements.


The Cyma AK47 has been widely complimented for its exterior design. Users have raved about how exceptional the high-quality metal build feels in their hands and how the gun is definitely a looker when compared to other rifles.

What makes the rifle really stand out is its real wood barrel and the excellent finish of the polymer furniture variant’s barrel that makes it look like the real deal.


This category makes the Cyma AK47 a massive favorite among airsoft field enthusiasts who want an excellent experience without putting a huge dent in their wallets.

Compared to other airsoft rifles available in the market, the Cyma AK47 is good value for money.

Pros and Cons of Cyma AK47

Before buying the rifle, we’ve listed its pros and cons to give you a complete outlook on its qualities and features.

What Stood Out:

  • High-quality complete metal construction.
  • High accuracy for mid to long distances.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Excellent feel and look.
  • Robust build.


  • The FPS could be better.
  • Some users complained of issues with the selector switch.
  • Stocks get wobbly with use.

Where to buy Cyma AK47?

Now that you know a good deal about the Cyma AK47, we hope we’ve made the decision easy for you. The gun is a reliable option for its build and durability and will give you a thrilling experience on the airsoft field.

If you don’t know where to get started or want to look into places where you can buy the Cyma AK47, you can check out the rifle on Evike and Amazon.

The rifle is perfect for beginners and is the best option to invest in compared to the other airsoft field rifles in the same price range.