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Best Glock BB Gun With Drum Magazine

Best Glock BB Gun With Drum Magazine

Looking for a Glock BB gun with a drum magazine? We got you covered!

Gaston Glock established the Austrian Glock Company in 1963. The company participated in an Austrian Army competition in 1980 that called for an entirely new sidearm design. Six months were spent on the design process. Of course, Glock won the contest.

Glock is a well-known brand among people who aren’t just interested in guns. Anyone who has interacted with modern pop culture is highly familiar with it.

The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and the United States became the next nations to adopt Glock handguns as military and law enforcement gear. Austria was the first.

Additionally, Glock pistols were provided to the Polish police force. Glock 17 and Glock 19, two extremely well-liked models, were first released in 1996. Glock 26 followed in 2001.

The Glock pistol frequently appears in action films and television shows, and the word “weapon” and its proper name are even used to signify the same thing.

The Glock pistol, which had a very modern design for its time, immediately gained popularity and was used frequently. One of the most popular airsoft weapons today, the Glock BB gun, is being imitated by numerous airsoft manufacturers. Both professional shooters and ASG fans still use it.

Glock BB Gun With Drum Review

Given that Glock pistols are among the most widely used weapons, it was only a matter of time before their airsoft equivalents appeared. BB Glocks can also be dependable if you pick a top-notch airsoft gun.

It is worth choosing an airsoft gun whose manufacturer has received an official Glock license if you want its appearance to be as accurate as possible. As a result, they can apply the original markings and precisely replicate the appearance’s details.

Like other airsoft handguns, the Glock BB pistol is typically powered by CO2 or green gas. The Glock gas airsoft gun is frequently employed as a side pistol for support in scenarios performed on the wide territory since this enables high initial speeds.

An airsoft game sometimes requires tact, stealth, and accurate BB placement. Other times, you might just want to let go and fire as many BBs as you can in the direction of the target. Only some players desire to carry a bag full of magazines for reloading in such circumstances.

Airsoft drum mags

Not all Glock models are compatible with or align well with an airsoft drum mag.

A high-capacity magazine for airsoft guns is called an “airsoft drum magazine”. It is modeled after the actual drum magazines used in the early 20th century.

Like their real-life counterparts, airsoft drum magazines are made to contain many more BBs than other high-capacity magazines. It enables players to fire at will without worrying about having to pause to switch magazines frequently.

Despite the increasing number of Glock model replicas on the market, only Umarex is authorized to produce licensed imitations among makers of airsoft equipment. This means that the Glock BB gun from Umarex is ideal for use with an airsoft drum.

In North America, Umarex USA is one of the top producers of airguns and airgun accessories.

Glock BB guns with drum magazines are carefully designed, creating exact replicas of the originals that are highly valuable to collectors. Each copy has a serial number and appropriate marks. Although they cost more, every airsoft fan understands that investing in a licensed copy is a long-term investment.

The Best Glock BB Guns with Drum

The Glock 23 GBB Airsoft Pistol

glock bb gun with drum

The Glock 23 GBB Airsoft Pistol is a high-quality replica of the popular Glock handguns. It is made with heavyweight full metal construction and has a realistic feel and weight.

The gun also features a working slide and trigger and can fire 6mm plastic BBs. It is an excellent choice for any airsoft player who wants a reliable and realistic gun.

It is designed to handle and operate like the original Glock 23. This makes it ideal for target practice or training. The Glock 23 features a metal slide and polymer frame. Its realistic blowback action will be comfortable for shooters of all experience levels.

GLOCK G45 GBB Air Pistol

glock bb gun with drum

The full-featured, full-size Elite Force Airsoft GLOCK G45 legally licensed airsoft pistol.

The slide and barrel of the G45 are G19-sized. It has a full-size grip and can use any gas blowback magazine that is Elite Force G17 compatible.

The G45 epitomizes elements that promote quick handling and precise shooting with its Gen 5 grip texture and design cues. The G45 fires 22 airsoft BBs at a speed of 300 FPS from the provided magazine.

This G45 has an ambidextrous slide release, an adjustable hop-up, and last round hold open. Additionally, 3 extra fill port o-rings are included with this airsoft gun.

GLOCK 18C BB Gun Air Pistol

GLOCK 18C BB Gun Air Pistol

The slide, internal barrel, and magazine are all made of metal. The gearbox shell is polymer, just like the original live-fire pistol. It is also compatible with an airsoft drum.

Anyone who has held a real Glock in their hands may appreciate the replica’s authenticity. The gun was created with the greatest attention to detail and imitated the original.

For target practice or training, this air pistol is the ideal option. The Glock 18 Gen3 features a metal slide and polymer frame. Its realistic blowback action will be comfortable for shooters of all experience levels.

Glock 22 Gen4 BB Gun Air Pistol

Glock 22 Gen4 BB Gun Air Pistol

The Glock BB Gun is compatible with Drum features Gen4’s external upgrades. These include an expanded magazine release button, new texturing, or a deeper space for the thumb. To make dynamic aiming easier, sights with contrasting spots were used.

The fixed slide with integrated sights is made of metal. The frame is durable and resistant to mechanical damage, just like the original. A RIS rail that can support the installation of tactical lights is located under the barrel.

For the Glock 22, the trigger has a mechanical safety feature that stops the shot in the case of an improper pull. The gun also has an adjustable safety that separates the trigger from the hammer.

All these guns are an excellent choice for those who want to use them for airsoft competitions or target practice.