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Best Airsoft Pistols You Should Buy

Best Airsoft Pistols You Should Buy

Airsoft pistols are typical imitation guns. They fire pellets rather than bullets through their gas or electrical system. Generally, airsoft guns are powered by springs, gas, or an electrical system. Most of the time, an airsoft pistol is powered by gas.

There are two types of gas-powered airsoft pistols/guns: the Non-Blow Back (NBB) and the Gas Blow Back (GBB). The NBB has no recoil, while the GBB uses a portion of its gas to create a realistic recoil.

Airsoft pistols are great sidearms you can add to your arsenals while you play your airsoft game. On average, airsoft pistols are very affordable; you can get one for as low as $25.

Many people are opt-in for an airsoft pistol because of their body type. If they can’t bear the weight of heavier airsoft guns or their arms are not long enough to fire deep barrel guns, they opt for an airsoft pistol. Airsoft pistols are portable and great for gameplay in the woods. 

What should you know before buying an Airsoft pistol?

Airsoft pistols are great for training, practice, and gaming experience. Nevertheless, there are several things to consider before you purchase an airsoft pistol.

First, how often would you be using this pistol? If you’d be using it frequently and for gaming, you’d need to be intentional about your choice. A later section of this guide contains the best airsoft pistols in the market that would deliver the same experience you seek. 

Secondly, are you a long or short-distance shooter? Certain airsoft pistols are good enough as sidearms if your longer weapons run out of ammo. Others are good as sidearms for snipers, and some have good accuracy for long-range shots.

Would you be mostly shooting long-range during practice or gaming? Then a long-range airsoft pistol like the Glock 19 or Beretta 92FS is worth your money. GFAP 13 is good enough as a sidearm for snipers or other shooters who prefer long weapons.

On average, guns with 6.01-6.05MM bores are great for distant shooting.

When it comes to purchasing airsoft pistols or any other airsoft guns, it all boils down to your budget. Pros know what it means to spend heavily on guns, but newbies may be skeptical and opt for low-budget guns that may not deliver an authentic experience.

If you can afford it, you’re better off buying any of these best airsoft pistols. They are good enough for you whether you’re a pro or a newbie.

Best Airsoft pistols

GameFace GFAP13 AEG

best airsoft pistol

 GFAP 13 is an electrically powered airsoft pistol with a 30 rounds magazine. This semi-automatic airsoft pistol shoots at a velocity of 250FPS. Being electrically powered, this gun made it to the best airsoft pistols because of the battery’s durability.

The battery lasts 2-3 hours or longer, depending on how often you shoot during the gameplay. This gun is excellent for beginners and pros; it is a very useful arsenal for snipers in short-range attacks.

best airsoft pistols

Walther P99 Airsoft Gun

walther p99 best airsoft pistols

Walther P99 deserves to be among the best airsoft pistols due to its unique features. It fires at a velocity of 320 feet per second and can fire 6mm.20g BBs. Unlike the GFAP13 AEG, Walther P99 is powered by C02 gas. It features a realistic blowback action, a paddle-style magazine release, a drop-free magazine, and a C02 hidden grip.

On releasing the magazine, you can easily access the C02 capsule chamber. This 7.25-length airsoft pistol weighs 1.76lbs. Walther P99 is made of quality materials that make it sleek and portable. Compared to other C02-powered airsoft guns, Walther P99 is excellent, but it isn’t as accurate as other airsoft pistols.

best airsoft pistols

Beretta 92FS

beretta best airsoft pistol

The Beretta 92FS has a much different design from other airsoft pistols discussed in this article. It is so sleek, made of wood and fine metals. It fires at a velocity of 425 feet per second and uses .177 caliber pellets. This air gun uses C02 as its source of power and features a realistic experience and high accuracy.

Beretta 92FS is one of the best airsoft pistols. It features all-metal construction, an 8-round rotatory magazine, and one of the most realistic shooting experiences. This german craftsmanship weighs 1.54 kilograms.

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beretta airsoft pistol


You have enough airsoft guns to choose from, but these are the best airsoft pistols on the market. Mind you, irrespective of the cons, they are great; it all boils down to personal preference.

Airsoft guns are not real guns but replicas of original gun brands. Given the price of airsoft pistols, their quality matches their value and the realistic experience they deliver.