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Best Airsoft Knives for Tactical and Combat Simulations

Best Airsoft Knives for Tactical and Combat Simulations

Airsoft knives can be fun, especially if you want to play with stealth. It can be quite satisfying for some players to sneak around and eliminate their opponents without firing a single round.

If you decide to get one, make sure it is made of rubber because plastic knives can potentially cause harm due to their hardened composition.

Let’s dive deeper and see how knife kills work in airsoft, the airsoft knife rules, and what are the best airsoft knives on the market.

How do knife kills work in airsoft, and how do you perform them?

If your field permits using an airsoft knife, you might wonder how to play with a knife. A knife kill in airsoft is achieved by tapping your opponent anywhere on his body, not by stabbing or slicing them.

Also, remember that no other physical contact between rival players is allowed. So once more, no airsoft knives, not even rubber ones, should be used for stabbing, hitting, or slicing.

The use of plastic knives is not advised due to the possibility of injury due to their tough nature. Get a rubber knife that is flexible and soft to prevent hurting competing players. When performing a knife kill in airsoft, approach your target silently and tap them (you could also say “knife kill”) once they are within your arm’s reach.

Remember that real steel knives are not allowed on the airsoft field, so don’t bring one.

Knife rules for Airsoft

You should know a few rules before playing airsoft if you intend to use a knife. Below are the basic rules:

Knives cannot be used in airsoft to stab, hit, or slice.

As previously said, do not stab someone while playing airsoft. The same holds for hitting or slicing. A floppy rubber knife can still cause harm to a person. Simply tap your opponent with the knife’s flat edge.

Use a floppy rubber knife.

Purchase a flexible rubber knife. Don’t use a knife made of real steel.

Never throw your knife.

Do not ever throw your knife at other players; this is not a Hollywood movie, and you are not Jet Li.

Best Airsoft knives

Lancer Tactical Plastic Combat Knife with Sheath

This plastic battle knife with a sheath from Lancer Tactical will complete your tactical outfit. Similar to the original, this version has a tan handle and can be mounted to an M4-style rifle using the standard triangle front sight.

The soft rubber blade is ideal for silent melee takedowns that don’t hurt the target. For a strong grip, the handle is made of durable plastic. For safe storage, the knife is equipped with a plastic sheath.

Matrix Airsoft Tactical Rubber Bayonet with Sheath

It has a realistic, aggressive design that makes it perfect for use as a prop, with a matte black rubber blade that is secure to use in all kinds of MilSim and wargaming scenarios.

Using the normal bayonet lug and birdcage flash hider, the knife can be attached to M4 and M16 series Airsoft rifles. A hardshell belt sheath and a textured handle for grip are also provided. 

Cold Steel Rubber Training Black Bear Classic

A Cold Steel Rubber Training Black Bear Classic replica is a training knife that closely mimics the weight, balance, and feel of the Cold Steel Black Bear Classic knife. These replicas are usually made of rubber or other non-sharp materials. They are designed to be safe for training purposes, such as practicing knife fighting, airsoft, and self-defense techniques, without the risk of injury.

Made of Santoprene, this low-cost Cold Steel knife is made of rubber (Santoprene is a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer, which is a family of rubber-like materials). Due to its 13-inch length, it cannot be mounted on your airsoft replica.

Lancer Tactical M9 Santoprene Rubber Blade with Sheath

The Lancer Tactical M9 Santoprene Rubber Blade is a type of training knife designed to replicate a real knife’s weight and feel but with a rubber blade.

Santoprene thermoplastic rubber was used to create this 12-inch-long rubber knife (7-inch blade, 6-inch handle), which also has a textured ABS plastic handle for non-slip handling. You can use it as a bayonet by attaching it to your gun.

When is it appropriate to use a knife while playing Airsoft?

Check first with your site to see if using a knife is even allowed. On some sites or MilSim events, a rubber knife must be used for silent killings, while other sites forbid melee combat altogether.

Therefore, whether you own and use one is a matter of personal preference. There is nothing wrong with using a knife in an airsoft game, even though some players dislike carrying extra gear or think it is unnecessary.

They can be beneficial in some situations. For instance, in some Milsim events, “killing” an opponent with a knife is regarded as a silent killer; therefore, the victim will accept the death quietly without reporting the hit.

Additionally, if the battlefield is calm or you’re playing CQB Airsoft and don’t want to reveal your position when shooting, you might silently approach your enemy and tap him to death. If you run out of ammo, that’s another reason to use a knife when playing airsoft. To extend your range for a safe kill, you could attach a knife to your rifle as a bayonet.


Airsoft knives are a popular accessory among airsoft enthusiasts. They are often used as props or for training purposes and can add a level of realism and immersion to airsoft games. While these knives are not designed for combat or self-defense, they can be used safely and responsibly when handled with care and under proper supervision.

It is important to note that airsoft knives are not real knives and should never be used as such. They are made of plastic or rubber and are not sharp, so they are incapable of cutting or piercing like real knives. They are also not legal in all areas, and it is important to check local laws and regulations before purchasing or using them.

In summary, airsoft knives can be a fun and exciting addition to the airsoft experience. Still, it’s important to keep safety in mind, be aware of laws and regulations, and use them responsibly, following all the rules and instructions of the game.