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Which Airsoft CO2 Gun Is the Best

Which Airsoft CO2 Gun Is the Best

Why go with an Airsoft CO2 gun? Well, if you want a powerful and accurate gun, you’ll be glad to know that airsoft CO2 guns offer both of those features—and more!

CO2 powers most 6mm airsoft pistols and almost all BB guns. 12 g CO2 cartridges are easily accessible. Almost every department store and practically all outdoor-centric shops, like your local airsoft dealers, will have at least one brand of CO2.

CO2 has been used as a propellant in airguns for a long time. There are many reasons, but it’s enough to mention that CO2 is affordable, reliable, and has just one significant weakness.

Simply put, CO2 is air. It is packed in a tiny metal cylinder and is pressurized with carbon dioxide. CO2 cartridges come in various sizes, but the most frequently used in airsoft guns are 12g cartridges, roughly the size of your thumb. The pressure of CO2 will be around 12,000 psi.

Let’s take a closer look at this popular type of airsoft gun.

What is a CO2 Airsoft gun?

The CO2 cartridges used in CO2 Airsoft weapons are replaceable. They often have more power than green gas airsoft guns and can fire in semi-auto or full-auto.

Typically, a CO2 cartridge is placed into a removable magazine, and a screw at the bottom of the magazine compresses the cartridge until a thin nozzle pin pierces it. In gas blowback pistols and rifles, the CO2 gas is used to cycle the slide or bolt and fire the BB out of the gun.

How do CO2 Airsoft guns work?

CO2 airsoft guns are powered by cartridges of compressed carbon dioxide stored in the weapon’s magazine. When the shooter pulls the trigger, a hammer is released, striking the gas release on the magazine or the firing pin of a revolver.

This releases CO2 and directs it to a nozzle, ejecting an airsoft BB from the gun or moving the slide if it is a GBB. It is important to remember that CO2 has a higher pressure than green gas, providing more power while enabling stable operation in colder conditions.

However, it should be mentioned that owing to the high pressure of the CO2 cartridges, there is a slight chance of a major malfunction with CO2 weapons.

How long does CO2 last in an Airsoft pistol?

All magazine-fed CO2 airsoft guns are made to fire at least the whole magazine, or around 30 rounds, with a single CO2 cartridge.

Depending on whether the CO2 gun has blowback or not, the number of shots for non-magazine-fed CO2 guns can vary significantly. This might be 40 shots for gas blowback guns or more than 100 shots for non-blowback weapons.

A CO2 cartridge should not be kept inside a gun for a lengthy period because the high pressure of the gas may eventually blow out the seals, causing leaking.

Ensure you use up all the gas in your CO2 cartridge after each game and properly remove it before storing your pistol.

The best CO2 Airsoft pistol

The only difference between CO2 and green gas airsoft guns is that the latter uses CO2.

Both beginners and professionals should consider using them as a starting point. In all conditions, performance is stable and optimized thanks to CO2 power. Installing CO2 capsules has a downside: it might be harmful if installed incorrectly.


airsoft co2 gun

A great entry-level airsoft option that is both inexpensive and well-made. The fiber-optic front sight on the Shadow 2 makes it simpler to find targets quickly.

You can fire up to 100 rounds on a single CO2 cartridge before changing it, making it incredibly CO2-friendly. It is a great gun for gaming and competitive shooting because it is all metal and holds 26 rounds.


airsoft co2

It was released in 2016 and had all the necessary markings because Cybergun is a Colt license holder. The 1911 platform is well-known and frequently used by gamers. Holsters are readily available, and the all-metal design gives them some weight and feel.

The 16+1 round magazine can hold 12 g CO2 capsules and 6 mm BBs. Each capsule has a powerful cycle action that clocks 390-400 FPS at 0.2 g BBs, producing a very harsh and loud crack when fired. It can shoot long distances due to the adjustable hop-up.

We love the fact that a 12 g CO2 capsule can fit entirely inside this single stack grip without any obstruction from an extended magazine.


One of the most accurate 1911s on the market is the RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP. The GRP, which has received high praise from critics and opinion leaders, feels extremely authentic and offers one of the most amazing airsoft recoil experiences, with a kick that will send shockwaves up your whole arm.

It is well known that purchasing a CNC steel kit and completely upgrading 1911 can be expensive. The RWA GRP is essentially an airsoft pistol that has already been updated by the factory and is guaranteed to function.


The CZ 75 is a popular gun used worldwide because of its high caliber and versatility. There is an accessory rail on the frame for all your accessory needs. Since it kicks like a mule, the “noodle” textured grip should be incredibly comfy to handle.

This gorgeous handgun has a 14mm CCW thread that allows you to add suppressors. Since it cycles quite smoothly and clocks in at about 370 frames per second, it is employed for outdoor battles since it is too hot for CQB.


The Recon, designed for skirmishing, fires 0.2g BBs with an effective power of 400 fps and a very powerful recoil kick. Even in the cold, performance remains consistent and efficient. For tactical advantage, a rail system for accessories can be used to attach flashlights and lasers.

Experts who know they can only rely on the best choose NightHawk Custom pistols. This replica is legally licensed and a replica of a real single-stack 1911, down to the field stripping and shooting mechanisms. It is designed to provide reliable performance at an affordable price.


There are many reasons why airsoft CO2 is a popular choice for airsoft guns. It is inexpensive, readily available, and provides good power and accuracy.

CO2 is also relatively safe to use, making it a good choice for those new to airsoft. If you are looking for a powerful and accurate airsoft gun, you should consider purchasing any of the CO2 airsoft guns listed above.