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5 Best Beginner Paintball Guns

5 Best Beginner Paintball Guns

What is the best beginner paintball gun? This is a frequently asked question on the paintball field. Players usually want to purchase their equipment to be able to play more regularly and for better performance after experiencing the adrenaline rush of a paintball game.

One of the most important things a paintball player will do is choose a good beginner paintball gun. The appropriate marker can make the difference between a satisfying paintball hobby and an early retirement. Choosing the right paintball gun can be difficult with so many variations available.

To simplify your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best paintball guns for beginners.

What to look for in a beginner paintball gun

Price, durability, modifications, features, and paintball style are just a few factors you should consider when purchasing your first paintball gun.

You won’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end paintball marker as a beginner. Instead, search for high-quality products that are reasonably priced. The paintball gun should be strong enough to continue firing after several hundred hard games.

Remember that you might want to modify your marker, such as changing the sites, getting a better hopper, or using a different CO2 cylinder. Any gun you choose should be capable of accommodating any upgrades you want.

Lastly, the paintball playing style you enjoy will influence the type of beginner paintball gun you purchase. If you play speedball, you need to look for a suitable speedball gun. Similarly, you should look for a suitable woodsball gun if you play woodsball airsoft.

Paintball gun types 

The type of paintball gun you choose will depend on your budget, style of play, and overall preference. There are three main types of paintball guns available on the market today: pump-action guns, mechanical guns, and electro-pneumatic guns. 

Pump-action guns 

Pump-action guns are manually powered paintball markers that must be pumped before every shot. These guns are not suitable for rapid fire as they require manual pumping between each shot but are incredibly accurate and reliable due to their low rate of fire. This makes them ideal for players who prefer accuracy over speed. Pump-action guns are also relatively inexpensive compared to other markers, making them popular with budget-conscious players. 

Mechanical guns 

Mechanical paintball markers use compressed air or CO2 cartridges rather than batteries or pumps to shoot their projectiles. These weapons offer a faster rate of fire than pump action markers but lack some accuracy compared with higher-end models. They are also typically cheaper than electro-pneumatic markers making them popular with entry-level players who don’t want to break the bank. 

Electro-pneumatic guns 

Electro-pneumatic (EP) markers offer one of the highest performance levels available in a paintball gun today. These weapons utilize both compressed air and electric power from batteries or AC power sources to shoot their projectiles at high speeds while maintaining precision and accuracy over long distances. EP markers are more expensive than their mechanical counterparts. Still, they offer unparalleled performance at any range, making them ideal for experienced players who demand top-notch accuracy and reliability from their equipment. 

Best paintball guns for beginners

1. Tippmann Stormer Elite

Take a look at the Tippmann Stormer if you’re a beginner woodsball player seeking to purchase your first paintball gun.

Tippmann is a company you may not be familiar with, but they are renowned for making some of the most reliable and durable paintball guns ever produced. They are so durable that I’ve even heard of people running their cars over Tippmann paintball guns and still being able to shoot them. They are well crafted.

Like all Tippmann starter markers, the Tippmann Stormer has strikingly similar internals to the Tippmann 98 Custom.

Despite the Stormer Elite’s inability to shoot First Strike rounds, the pricing is undoubtedly reasonable. With features like the top and bottom Picatinny rails, an internal gas line, a high-impact composite body, front and rear flip-up sights, a 6-position collapsible stock, 20-round magazines, and a loader-to-magazine conversion kit, the Stormer Elite is a powerhouse.

2. Azodin Blitz 4

You can’t go wrong with the Azodin Blitz 4 if you’re a beginner speedball player on a tight budget or want an affordable marker with a little firepower.

This electronic paintball gun has an outstanding fire rate of up to 20 BPS and 4 pre-programmed firing modes on its circuit board (Zen Board), such as:

  • Semi-auto (20 bps) (20 bps).
  •  PSP ramp (10.5 bps).
  • Millennium ramp (15 bps).
  • CFOA semi-automatic (10.5 bps).

One of the few electronic markers on the market that can function on both CO2 and HPA is the Blitz 4. Because of this, the Azodin Blitz 4 is the ideal paintball gun for beginners who want a high rate of fire but don’t want to spend a lot of money on an HPA tank.

Because of its simplistic design, the Blitz 4 is another excellent paintball gun for beginners. There are only a few additional essential components for this marker to work besides the Zen board and solenoid.

As a result, maintaining Azodin Blitz 4 is incredibly simple. You must remove the bolt, striker, and spring to disassemble the marker completely.

3. Valken M17

Looking for a First Strike-capable, low-cost mag-fed paintball gun?

The Valken M17 is the sole option.

The Valken M17, which costs just under $300 right now, is, in my opinion, the greatest mag-fed marker for players on a tight budget. However, while the M17 might be new to Valken, it has existed for a very long time under the Milsig M17’s prior name.

Valken probably decided to purchase the rights to a tried-and-true mag-fed paintball gun like the Milsig M17 because they wanted their mag-fed marker.

The availability of a low-cost mag-fed marker like the M17 helps the mag-fed paintball community thrive. The M17 is one of the most reasonably priced paintball guns that can fire First Strike rounds and switch instantly between safety, semi-auto, and fully automatic modes.

4. Tippmann A5

Tippmann has consistently been the preferred choice for anyone seeking a beginner paintball gun. These guns are made to last many years and withstand great damage. Tippmann is a popular brand among paintball fields that rent out guns because of their reliability and durability.

The Tippmann A-5 has replaced custom beginner paintball guns. Anyone who has played paintball for any amount of time will always opt for these powerhouses. As a standard feature, the Tippmann A-5 has a cyclone hopper that actively stirs and feeds paintballs into the chamber, unlike slower gravity-fed models.

Compared to traditional beginner paintball markers, the cyclone action allows for a far greater rate of fire (15 rounds per second).

5. Empire Mini GS

Do you require a paintball gun that performs as well as high-end electros but costs a fraction of the price? You’re in luck, then!

One of the least expensive entry-level markers that can truly compete in a tournament setting is the Empire Mini GS. The Mini GS is the greatest paintball gun for speedball players on a budget, with a fair price tag of $425.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic paintball gun for younger or smaller-handed players. This is due to the Mini GS being the smallest paintball tournament gun currently available. The Empire Mini’s compact design often draws players to purchase it, but it’s also why many players find the Mini unappealing.


There are many different types of paintball guns on the market, each with unique features and benefits. When choosing a beginner paintball gun, you must consider the type of paintball you’ll be playing, the gun’s firing mode, weight, and ease of use. With the right paintball gun and some practice, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled paintball player.

So, a beginner paintball gun is a great place to start if you want to try paintball for the first time or upgrade your equipment.

No matter what type of gun you choose, it is important that you understand how they work and use proper safety precautions when playing with them – especially if it is your first time playing paintball!