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Why Is the Airsoft MG42 a Must-Have for Your Collection

Why Is the Airsoft MG42 a Must-Have for Your Collection

Airsoft MG42 

If you’re an Airsoft enthusiast, you know that few guns are as iconic as the WW2-era German machine gun, the MG42. This highly coveted gun has been used in some of the most famous battles in history and is now a staple in airsoft collections worldwide.

But why is the MG42 so popular? Let’s take a look at what makes this legendary weapon such a fascinating part of any airsoft collection.

What is an airsoft MG42?

German forces produced and extensively employed the legendary Maschinengewehr 42, commonly known as the MG42 (also known as Hitler’s Buzzsaw), a 7.92x57mm general-purpose machine gun operated by recoil.

The MG42, which had a very high rate of fire of 1,200 rounds per minute and was intended to be inexpensive and simple to construct, proved to be extremely reliable and user-friendly.

This gave the German forces a significant tactical edge because it was more than twice as powerful as other machine guns at the time.

However, the MG42 continued to be used even after Germany was defeated in World War 2, and more than 30 nations adopted upgraded variations like the rechambered MG3. The MG3 is still a well-liked machine gun today.

Airsoft MG42

Thanks to the AGM company, another awesome treat for historical weaponry and historical airsoft lovers has come on the market. A long-awaited replica of the MG42, a well-known machine gun first launched in 1942.

A weapon that, while in the hands of Third Reich (but not only!) soldiers, sows terror throughout all of World War II’s fronts and, over time, gains cult status.

An Airsoft MG42 is, as the name suggests, an Airsoft gun designed to mimic the appearance and function of a real MG42 machine gun. It’s an  Airsoft gun perfect for Airsoft skirmishers, collectors, and historical re-enactors.

As we mentioned, the MG42 was a real German machine gun used during World War II, known for its high rate of fire and distinctive sound. An Airsoft MG42 is a replica of this famous gun, in most replicas, the drum Magazine can hold up to 2,500 plastic BBs or steel BBs (not meant for Airsoft).

The MG42 airsoft rifle is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after WW2 airsoft guns available today, given its legendary reputation in popular culture.

The Airsoft MG42 has been produced by several companies over the years, including the A&K MG42 AEG Airsoft LMG and the AGM MG42 airsoft gun, both of which are sadly no longer in production.

Only two relatively high-end collectible-grade models of AEG MG42 guns—the G&G MG42 Airsoft Machine Gun and the Shoei MG42 EBB—are now available for the MG42 Airsoft gun. For the best airsoft WW2 roleplay, both Airsoft MG42s contain an MG42 drum magazine that can fire many BBs at the target.

Types/Models of the Airsoft MG42

As stated above, several companies have produced the Airsoft MG42 but sadly, they are no longer in production. Only two models of AEG MG42 guns, the G&G MG42 Airsoft Machine Gun and the Shoei MG42 EBB, are now available for the MG42 Airsoft gun.


The 7.92x57mm Mauser MG42 is a general-purpose machine gun manufactured in Germany and used extensively in the latter stages of World War II. It was meant to take the place of the older MG 34, which was more expensive and took longer to build, but both weapons continued to be produced until the war’s end.

Because it comes in six pieces that must be assembled, it is packaged in a sturdy box that you’d assume wouldn’t accommodate the GMG42. Installation is simple and quick, and it just takes a few minutes.

The main body, the stock, the magazine, the belt, the ammunition, and the bipod are all present. The rifle’s body was completed with great care to make it look as real as possible.

The GMG42 includes a custom gearbox designed just for it and can easily be removed from the receiver, making maintenance and upgrading as simple as possible.

Its mini Tamiya G&G 11.1V Lipo battery fits perfectly inside the stock and is included with the item. By pressing the button on the top of the magazine, you can wind the auto-winding drum magazine, which is powered by a built-in battery.

You can purchase extra drum magazines separately. The steel barrel can be easily removed for maintenance and is made to last.

The GMG42 can compete in a target recognition, but accuracy is not a top priority for a suppression weapon. A hose of BBs will mow down your enemies if you point in that direction.

Although it works on electricity, this is the closest thing to real steel. Nothing imitates the steel as well as this boy does regarding GMG 42 Shoei. Fans of World War II, look no further!

Shoei Maschinen Gewehr 42 (MG-42) Airsoft AEG Rifle (EBB)

The Maschinengewehr 42, also known as the “machine gun 42,” was a 7.92x57mm Mauser general purpose machine gun manufactured in Nazi Germany and was first used by the Wehrmacht in 1942.

In all branches of the German Armed Forces, it supplemented and, in some cases, substituted the MG 34 general-purpose machine gun, even though both weapons were produced and utilized until the end of the war.

Before the introduction of this weapon, it had been a while since the MG-42 was imitated, and Shoei has done it once more. They initially chose to create an air blowback version and have since switched to the electric-blowback system.

The EBB system itself is not exceptional, but its approach is. It is now part of the gearbox rather than being in stock. This implies that the screws holding it in place occasionally need to be tightened.

To move this huge replica, which weighs roughly 7 kilos, or just over 14 pounds, there needs to be a lot of kick. Shoei, though, did a fantastic job.

The kick undoubtedly feels good, but that is only the beginning. Moving this around won’t be on your list of things to do because it is primarily made of metal except for the grip and stock. Your major goal on the pitch will be to lay suppressing fire.

Even though you may think everything is perfect, one thing throws everything off. It only has a magazine capacity of 150 BBs, so if you want to use suppressive fire for a long time, you’ll need to carry a lot of extra magazines.


In conclusion, the Airsoft MG42 is a great piece of equipment. It is a replica of the real MG 42 machine gun used in World War II. It is well-made, realistic, and a great addition to any airsoft collection. If you are looking for a realistic and high-quality airsoft gun, the Airsoft MG42 is a great option.

Whether you’re an experienced Airsofter or just starting out, having an Airsoft MG42 in your collection is essential for any true enthusiast!

Not only does this iconic weapon boast impressive performance and reliability, but it also looks great! So don’t wait; add this legendary weapon to your arsenal and show your opponents who’s boss on the field!