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Top 6 Most Expensive Airsoft Guns

Top 6 Most Expensive Airsoft Guns

The world of the most expensive airsoft guns

While many airsoft guns are affordable, there are also high-end options that come with an expensive price tag. 

This article explores the most expensive airsoft guns to help you have a better idea about what makes these airsoft guns stand out compared to the more regular models. 

What Makes an Airsoft Gun Expensive?

Some of the primary factors that contribute to the high cost of an airsoft gun include the following:

Quality and Materials

Airsoft guns are created to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay and feature sturdy metal components that enhance their performance and dependability.

Precision and Accuracy

Expensive airsoft weapons are built with remarkable precision and accuracy in mind. They may have sophisticated internal components, including tight bore barrels, modified hop-up units, and high-quality gearboxes, resulting in better shot consistency and precision, allowing players to strike targets accurately.

Additional Features

Some luxurious airsoft guns have extra features that make them easier to use and improve performance. These features include adjustable stocks, ambidextrous controls, updated triggers, and sophisticated optics, which provide gamers with more adaptability and customization choices.


Due to restricted manufacturing or distinctive designs, several airsoft weapons are considered collectibles. These firearms may be more expensive because collectors and enthusiasts are ready to pay a premium for their exclusivity and rarity, making them coveted possessions for passionate airsoft fans.

The Most Expensive Airsoft Gun

Luxury and exclusivity are not unusual in airsoft guns, with certain models attracting exorbitant prices. The most expensive airsoft guns have the highest craftsmanship and performance. Let’s take a deeper look at the priciest airsoft gun.

1. Evike Custom “Optic Thunder” M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle- Price: $10,000 

most expensive airsoft gun

The Evike Custom Optic Thunder M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle was designed with a sight feature customized to enhance performance. It has an impressive firing speed of 400 FPS and can hold up to 2500 rounds.

2. Evike Custom “Anti-SBR” Krytac Kriss Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle – Price: $5,000

Evike Custom "Anti-SBR" Krytac Kriss Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle

The Evike Custom Anti-SBR Krytac Kriss Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle is a modified version of the original firearm designed for airsoft games. It is built compact, making it reliable when space is limited. 

It’s a high-end option because it can fire up to 340 FPS and 95 magazine-round capacity.

3. ECHO1 (CAW) M134 Minigun (Long Version) – Price: $4,550

ECHO1 CAW M134 Minigun

The ECHO1 (CAW) M134 Minigun (Long Version) is a powerful weapon with an FPS of 400 and a magazine capacity of 1700 rounds. It can also fire an impressive 6,000 rounds per second. 

4. RWC VLTOR M4 (Systema PTW Version) Limited Edition – Price: $4,550

The RWC VLTOR M4 (Systema PTW Version) Limited Edition airsoft gun is an electric-powered monster with a magazine capacity of 120 rounds and a top speed of 460 FPS. 

This airsoft gun is equipped with heat-treated steel gears and a high-torque motor designed to handle both the M90 and M150 cylinders by Systema. 

5. 3D MMP Browning M2 .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun – Price: $3,300

3D MMP Browning M2 .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun

The 3D MMP Browning M2.50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun weighs 61.72 pounds and is the largest gun on this list. 

It is a steel and aluminum AEG variation based on the classic M2 HMG from the 1930s. This 1:1 airsoft replica has a fire rate of 20 rounds per second. Steel and aluminum materials have been used for a realistic feel. Furthermore, the gun has a 400 FPS when in full-auto mode. 

6. KWA KRISS VECTOR GBB – Price: $3,299

The KWA KRISS VECTOR GBB airsoft pistol was canceled soon after its release owing to a disagreement with KRISS. It included a detachable gas magazine and recoil impulse to simulate the real gun. 

The 2.69-pound cannon could fire in full auto, semi-auto, and burst modes. It also had an adjustable hop-up with a 49-round capacity.  

Users liked how the polymer body, metal sights, and interior metal all complemented each other to create an aesthetically pleasing airsoft gun. 

These airsoft guns embody luxury in the world of airsoft weapons, displaying the peak of artistry and ingenuity that distinguishes them from the competition. 

Tips for Buying an Expensive Airsoft Gun

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while buying an expensive airsoft gun:

Research and Compare Price

Conduct extensive research on different airsoft weapons and their pricing before purchasing. Compare pricing from various sources, including online merchants, local stores, and airsoft groups, to get a feel of the average market price for the gun you’re interested in. This can help you identify any overpriced or questionable offers and ensure you get a fair price.

Buy from Reputable Dealers

It’s important to buy expensive airsoft guns from reputable and trustworthy vendors. Look for well-known vendors with a strong reputation for offering genuine, high-quality airsoft weapons. To guarantee you’re dealing with a trustworthy provider, read customer reviews, check their return policy, and verify their credentials.


Test the airsoft gun before purchasing it. Visit a nearby airsoft field or range that provides gun rentals and put the model you’re interested in through its paces. This lets you evaluate its performance, accuracy, and other aspects firsthand, ensuring that it matches your expectations.

Buying an expensive airsoft gun can be a fun experience. Use these tips and do extra research to ensure that you purchase one at a reputable and fair price. 

Who Has Access to the Most Expensive Airsoft Guns?

Serious airsoft players, collectors, and enthusiasts ready to spend top dollar on airsoft guns make up most of the target market for the priciest airsoft weapons. 

High-end airsoft gun customers may come from various backgrounds, but they often have something in common, such as a passion for tactical games, wargames, and outdoor activities. They may also be fascinated by the technological developments in airsoft weapons and value premium models’ superior features.

An expensive airsoft gun may indicate social standing and prestige among players and collectors. It could denote a greater commitment to the activity, a readiness to spend money on high-end gear, and a sense of exclusivity in having a rare, unique item. 

People who appreciate the performance, artistry, and pride of possessing high-end goods frequently seek luxury airsoft guns.


Before buying an expensive airsoft gun, you should research, compare prices, buy from trustworthy sellers, and test the gun. 

It’s also important to remember that one’s personal preferences and money play a factor in selecting the best airsoft pistol. So, research the options available, consider your preferences and budget, and make an informed choice. 

Hopefully, the details above have given you some insight into what some of the most expensive airsoft guns offer.