Top 10 Most Entertaining Airsoft YouTubers

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The most popular Airsoft YouTube channels

Airsoft YouTubers are becoming more prominent since war games have become more popular. It’s no surprise that the fan base is growing.

Across the world, many abandoned buildings have been turned into colossal war game battlefields where people can test their tactical prowess. With different game modes to choose from, there is loads of entertainment.

So, which are the most popular and entertaining Airsoft YouTubers, and what makes them so successful? 

In no particular order, we will list the top ten most entertaining airsoft YouTubers below and give you their backgrounds, mainly what each YouTuber is known for and what they focus on.

It’s important to note that many of them are ex-military, which helps them create better content and be more tactical. However, this does not mean you must have a military background to be a good content creator.

Top 10 Airsoft YouTube channels

Silo Entertainment 

Netherlands Social media influencer turned YouTube personality focusing on airsoft shenanigans, from the best plays and the worst fails of the year. He is a precision airsoft shooter who thinks up crazy and quirky ways to elevate Airsoft, to create an entertaining virtual space to enjoy war games from the comfort of your home.

With 5.88 million subscribers, Silo is the tenth-best YouTuber in the Netherlands. 

Silo is a skillful prankster that tries crazy and fun tactics to surprise his enemies and win the objective.  

Silo likes to try out different areas and locations- for his wargames. One of the most prominent is Airsoft park Tirol. It is a massive location that allows for different types of playstyles. A game mode that is popular here is the king of the hill.

Places to find Silo Entertainment:

–         Website

–         YouTube

–         Instagram


Novritsch is an ex-Austrian Sniper turned YouTube personality who takes part in airsoft games and stage scenarios to show off his sniping skills.

The Youtuber often likes to play in large airsoft wargames. One, in particular, is Milsim West. It is a massive 3-day war game, and in Novritschs latest video, he showcases and films what takes place from traveling to the staging area and setting up for the war games.

With 4.71 million subscribers, Novritsch’s mission is to test all the guns and gear that his team can find for different scenarios. The Novritsch team’s passion is to bring the best equipment to the world.

As a skilled ex-Austrian military sniper, Novritsch showcases the skills and strategies he used in the military; to surprise and surpass the enemy team in both kills and objectives taken.

Novritsch has a branch of a YouTube channel called Novritsch’s Tactical, where he goes in-depth into his gear and how he maneuvers through the airsoft field.

Places you can find Novritsch:

–         Website

–         YouTube

–         Instagram

Dutch the Hooligan

An avid airsoft player that has founded an airsoft team called the “Hopped-up Hooligans.” He usually creates content showing airsoft games and his experiences. He uses a custom-created m4 rifle built by a variety of different manufacturers.  

With 1.53 million subscribers, most of Dutch the Hooligan’s content is about tactics and his gameplay in airsoft battles. He has also enjoyed trying replicated maps for Call of Duty, like the infamous nuke town map from COD. Another frequent airsoft spot he enjoys is an abandoned mall. 

Places to find Dutch the Hooligan:

–         Facebook

–         YouTube

–         Instagram

Airsoft GI

It is slightly different from other mentions on this list, but it was necessary to mention because; it covers various aspects of Airsoft and helps introduce new players to the experiences of the sport. Airsoft GI is not only about explosive action and showing people real-time airsoft awesomeness, but it also takes time to teach people, which is essential.

With 755 thousand subscribers, Airsoft GI manages to explore Airsoft on and off the field with how-to tutorials and equipment breakdowns. They even delve into price checks and cater videos to different budget types. The host and editing done in the videos are quirky and professional, which allows for an entertaining experience.

They also have ranking videos that showcase the best and worst guns in particular classes—resulting in an informative and entertaining must-watch channel.

Places you can find Airsoft GI:

–         Website

–         YouTube

–         Instagram

Airsoft Camman

Airsoft Camman is a British Airsoft YouTube personality that enjoys reviewing gear and weapons in the field and supporting fellow Airsoft YouTube content creators by advertising their merchandise. The element that makes Airsoft Camman unique is his love for gadgets and technology.

He is a wizard with the technology he uses to turn a simple airsoft game into a technological war. There are loads of gadget reviews found on his channel. Some gadgets that are used are remote-detonating RC cars. There are drones and even RC tanks that are tested in the field. 

With 369 thousand subscribers, Airsoft Camman is a growing YouTuber that shows lots of promise with his technological-based gameplay.

Places to find Airsoft Camman:

–         Facebook

–         YouTube

–         Instagram

Desert Fox Airsoft Aka Jet Del Castillo

Desert Fox is no stranger to a competitive environment and showcases his skill with a rifle and precision shots. He was the first professional U.S airsoft player, and as such, he travels around the states and competes in national-level military simulations.

Castillo joined the navy, served 2-years of active duty in Iraq, and was on standby for another 2-years. During this time, he helped build airsoft buildings and war scenarios as a passion, which ignited his interest in the sport. 

With 1.5 million subscribers, Desert Fox creates content for people who enjoy the Airsoft game. He may understand the competitive scene and may be competitive himself, but he strives to show the world that there are chilled and fun Milsims where people can enjoy themselves without getting heated up. He does not discriminate and always helps his fellow players when he can.

Places to find Desert Fox Airsoft:

–         Facebook

–         YouTube

–         Instagram

Names Nicco

Names Nicco is an ex-British military soldier who turned into an airsoft YouTuber. Nicco likes highlighting the action-packed speed of Airsoft and bringing his tactical training into the mix. Resulting; in him eliminating enemies with precision and making it look effortless. 

Nicco does this to show the skills of the British military and the teamwork it involves in making a successful unit. His videos also showcase a group of ex-British soldiers playing as a team. In these videos, the soldiers need not talk. It is as if they are one-track-minded, making an exciting and entertaining show of marksmanship and friendship.  

Among other things, Names Nicco also does reaction videos to failed military tactics or reacting to different countries’ military training. 

 Places to find Names Nicco:

–         Facebook

–         YouTube

–         Instagram


KickingMustang is a YouTuber that prides himself on his sniping capabilities. He often creates content that shows him sneaking behind enemy lines and taking people out from behind their defensive lines. His use of a ghillie suit and silenced long-barrel sniper rifle allows him to go undetected and create holes in the defensive lines.

With 1,83 million subscribers, KickingMustang has created a vast following in a short amount of time. He makes and sells full, well-made ghillie suits that people have yet to see him in the terrain in the Milsims he takes part in.

KickingMustang also teams up with Silo entertainment to do joint videos showcasing his snipping skills, stealth, and use of his homemade ghillie suit.  

As a self-proclaimed ghillie suit addict, KickingMustang is a force to be reckoned with as a sniper and a tactician.

Places to find KickingMustang:

–         Website

–         YouTube

–         Instagram

Wag Entertainment

Wag is a YouTube personality that does everything from funny clips to severe competitive play. This guy covers a wide variety of aspects in the airsoft community. He often showcases people that get hot-headed and people that have massive arguments with the ref’s resulting in life bans for some people that took the game too seriously.

With 820 thousand subscribers, Wag also does collection reviews for his airsoft guns and the prices of each weapon, as well as the unboxing of brand-new airsoft gear that usually results in an in-depth review of the product.  

Wag takes part in speed soft tournaments, a far faster-paced version of Airsoft; that requires fast reactions and hand-eye coordination. Wag also loves giving back to his fans and the airsoft community by giving away brand-new free guns to people who managed to shoot him in fun games worldwide.

Places to find Wag Entertainment:

–         Website

–         YouTube

–         Instagram


Blackout is a YouTube channel that covers the adventures of a team that calls themselves Blackout. It may not be the most tactical of channels, but it’s an amusing watch filled with cheaters, ragers, and exciting individuals. They were entertaining and showed how hot-headed some people could get in the airsoft community. Unfortunately, they do not produce new content anymore. 

With 20 thousand subscribers, they have a small following but showcase the one side of the airsoft community that tends to be on the more toxic side of things—still an entertaining watch, mainly just for memes and a few laughs.

They play on the Gamepod Combat Zone airsoft field. This is the perfect channel for you if you are interested in watching people get mad at one another.  

A place to find Blackout:

–         YouTube

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Epic Airsoft YouTube moments

These are some of the top 10 best and most entertaining airsoft YouTubers that cover a wide variety of content, from funny clips to tactical ones, and even content for educating new airsofters.

These content creators; will help you better understand the sport as a whole and what you have to look forward to when getting into the sport. Each content creator came from a different background and had extra motivation.

One thing for sure is that every one of these content creators loves Airsoft and loves being part of this diverse and massive community.

If you are a long-time airsofter, this list will showcase some fantastic times while bringing up some epic scenarios from your past, allowing you to find new ways to enjoy the game you love.