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Tips for Playing Airsoft in the Rain

Tips for Playing Airsoft in the Rain

Your big airsoft event is coming up this weekend, but it looks like it will rain.

In this video, Eric from Gun Gamers goes over how you can best prepare for playing airsoft in the rain and actually staying in the game when it gets wet.

Here are some tips for keeping AEGs safe in the rain:

If you’re worried that your AEG will get wet, wrap it in some self-adhesive tape and spray some waterproofing or rub wax onto it (it might be a bit messy but will wick water away). A little water won’t hurt it. Just don’t submerge it or leave it lying around to get rained on. Be careful about putting anything near the motor or battery that might melt (plastic wrap, electrical tape, etc.).

If you get water in the electrical components, immediately pull the battery and let it dry for a week or two. You can dry internal parts with a hairdryer, just don’t get it screaming hot.