Home Airsoft Lynx GM6: An Airsoft Rifle that Shoots 50 BMG

Lynx GM6: An Airsoft Rifle that Shoots 50 BMG

Lynx GM6: An Airsoft Rifle that Shoots 50 BMG

What is the Lynx GM6?

The Lynx GM6, or as it’s otherwise referred to, the Gepard Anti-Material Rifle, is an accurate long-range rifle. In fact, it’s considered to be among the most powerful long-range rifles that exist. 

This firearm originates from Hungary, a country that doesn’t get talked about much about firearms. However, since the Lynx GM6 was created, it’s caught people’s attention worldwide.

An anti-material rifle refers to a gun explicitly designed to destroy armored targets. Hungary developed this rifle after they realized they needed stronger firepower once they joined the Warsaw Pact. 

It was created in 1991 to create a hybrid between the regular anti-material rifles and the more powerful caliber rounds from sniper rifles.  

Throughout the years, the Military Technology of the Hungarian People’s Army has developed this rifle to improve it. Therefore, there are several different Lynx GM6 models available. 

It started as the M1 and was continuously developed until it became the Lynx GM6. The major improvements made on the GM6 model compared to the M1 included the bullpup design, shorter length, improved scope, and overall lightweight design. 

We’ve included the main features and specs in this blog post, so let’s check it out. 

Loading and shooting the Lynx GM6

After digging deeper into what the GM6 Lynx 50 BMG offers, we were impressed with the overall build quality. The components that have been used to craft the interior and exterior of this airsoft rifle are incredibly high-quality. 

As a result, it gives you plenty of sturdiness regarding loading and shooting. The various controls that are included make it easy to navigate between the range of features that the machine has to offer. 

Users have been pleased to find that the design of the bullpup provides a lot of support. As a result, you can feel more confident in the shooting because the bullpup reduces the amount of recoil produced.

Not to mention, the design of the bullpup enables you to balance the weight easily. This leads to shooters being able to improve their accuracy when shooting. With the specialized barrels that have been integrated, the accuracy and control of recoil are even better. 

With the magazine-fed function, you can quickly and easily load this airsoft rifle. 

Features and specifications of Lynx GM6


One of the main features we noticed about the Lynx GM6 is that it is incredibly durable. The high-quality materials used to construct this airsoft rifle ensure that it feels sturdy and will last a long time.

Barrel Design

The unique design of the barrel means that you can manage recoil better. Unique recoil technology has been integrated into the barrel to dissipate much of the recoil. As a result, you can shoot with more accuracy. 

We liked how the barrel is also retractable. This means that you can retract the barrel when you’re on the move to make the rifle easier to travel with. The total length of the barrel is also 28.7″, which is compact and easy to manage. 

Bullpup Design

The bullpup has been designed to make it easier to distribute the rifle’s weight more evenly. This enables you to feel more comfortable while taking shots which can improve your accuracy and confidence. The bullpup design is compact, which makes the rifle easier to carry around. 


The semi-automatic design of the Lynx GM6 means you can take faster shots. This, coupled with the magazine-fed function, means that you can use this rifle to shoot and reload quickly. 


This rifle weighs in at only 25.3 lbs. Therefore, you can be sure to have an easy time when it comes to transporting this rifle and holding it for long durations of time. 


  • Caliber – 50 BMG
  • Operation method – Long recoil action 
  • Rifle length – 44.3″
  • Barrel length – 28.7″
  • Capacity – 5
  • Range – 1640 yards 
  • Price – Around $15,000
  • Weight – 25.3 lbs

Accuracy and Range

The effective range for the GM6 Lynx 50 BMG rifle is 1640 yards. Therefore, you’re provided with an impressive range to hit targets with.

Users have been pleased that the Lynx GM6 has a fantastic scope. This enables you to see targets clearly and shoot more accurately. Another element that improves the accuracy is the short and compact rifle’s design. 

The bullpup design has much to do with the accuracy benefits involved. It ensures that the rifle feels sturdy and compact. You can have an easier time evenly distributing the weight, which can help to improve your accuracy. This is needed when it comes to firing 50 BMG rounds. 


So, that wraps up our post about what the Lynx GM6 airsoft rifle has to offer. 

The overall design of the rifle isn’t considered to be traditional. However, that’s what allows people to use it in various ways. Many people feel comfortable using this rifle laid down, standing up, and even while they’re moving. 

This is due to how the design is remarkably lightweight and compact. You can also feel confident in using this rifle for a long time because of the high-quality components used to construct it.

The Lynx GM6 is an all-around reliable and easy-to-use airsoft rifle. It’s one of the rare options that can hold up to five rounds in a magazine while being attached to a super lightweight design of just 25 lbs.