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Interview with Real Airsoft Players: Meet Maggan and Ezza

Interview with Real Airsoft Players: Meet Maggan and Ezza

Meet Maggan and Ezza, a couple from the south of Sweden who share a passion for Airsoft. At 37 and 39 years old, respectively, they have been playing the sport for a few years now as members of the Tactical Airheads team.

In this interview, we dive into their experiences with Airsoft, from how they got started to what they love most about the game. Read on to learn more about this dynamic duo and their adventures in the Airsoft world.

Airsofter players Maggan and Ezza

1. What is your name, and how old are you?

Maggan 37 and Ezza 39.

2. What country do you come from?

South of Sweden

3. What year did you start playing?

Ezza started in March 2017, and Maggan in December 2017.

4. Team?

Tactical Airheads 

Tactical Airheads Airsoft team

5. How did you get into Airsoft, and what made you decide to try it out as a couple? Who played Airsoft first?

We have a friend who played, and my brother (Maggan’s little brother) played in between. Ezza didn’t know about the first time he would try as we did it as a surprise for him. After that, he got hooked on it, and a few months later, Maggan started coming along and taking photos but ended up starting to play as well.

6. What does your typical preparation for an Airsoft match look like?

We always try to be fully packed and ready the day before. Because when we get to the game, we like to say hello to everyone and chat a lot before the game starts.

7. Do you have a favorite Airsoft game mode or scenario you like to play together?

We don’t have a favorite as we play indoors and outdoors, from evening to day, and multi-day games. We play where we feel like it and like to try new and old areas and games.

airsoft players interview

8. What are each of your favorite types of Airsoft games to play, and why?

Maggan: If I had to choose, it would be Milsim. Then we hang out, sleep and play together for a few days. Fight and help each other to complete missions. The main thing is that we always have fun with like-minded people.

Ezza: For me, Airsoft is a hobby/lifestyle. I love everything, from indoor CQB, big games, and mile swimming. I am a player who can adapt very quickly, depending on what kind of scenario we are playing.

CBQ would be my choice because, as a player, you have to think about how to cover angles and move around.

Also, Big game because you can get missions that can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours to solve, and Milsim challenges me and connect me with a good community of friends from all over the world

9. Have you each developed a specific playing style that favors certain Airsoft guns? What’s your favorite?

We are more than all-around players. I have always played HPA since we started.

Maggan: I always prefer my SSP1 indoors while I have my MTW or 416 outside.

Ezza: For me, I really love my MTW. It is a very versatile weapon for me. So it’s with me at all the games we’re at.

10. How do you communicate during an Airsoft game, and what strategies do you use to work together effectively?

From radio, hand signals, looking at each other, and talking.

Maggan: I’m the one that is going last as a lookout (spotter), but I can also be the first of everyone when they least expect it.

Ezza: I’m the one who sneaks around and finds solutions to take the enemies in the back, if not the front.

11. What’s the funniest or most ridiculous moment you’ve experienced while playing Airsoft?

Maggan: There are many different experiences on the track and in the safe zone.

When you shoot and think you’re hit and realize you’ve taken your own ricochet. It always gets us a good laugh.

Ezza: Or when our team and we choose to dress up for a different theme.

We always offer ourselves and give many a good laugh in the field.

12. How do you stay updated with new Airsoft gear and technology, and what’s your latest purchase?

Through social media and friends. We don’t always choose the best but what suits us.

Our last purchase was a new radio since our old ones were not working as we wanted.

interview with airsoft players maggan and ezza

13. Have you ever encountered any challenges or setbacks while playing Airsoft together, and if so, how did you overcome them?

We probably never had it. We usually solve it best for ourselves and how we play. For us, adversity is our advantage. We learn by taking it step by step.

14. Do other couples in your Airsoft community play together regularly?

In Sweden, where we live, we have some friends and couples who play from CQB to Milsim. We can count a handful of couples that we know are playing.

15. Have you ever participated in any Airsoft tournaments or competitions together, and if so, what was that experience like?

There are no that kinds of competitions in Sweden. But in 2019, we had a tournament where Ezza played with a group of boys and Maggan with girls. None of our teams won, but we had fun and did our best.

16. How do you balance your Airsoft hobby with your other commitments and responsibilities as a couple (e.g., work, family, etc.)?

OH! Many people ask us how we make everything work. We have three children, ages 7, 9, and 15 years. We run a family business and have a big house to care for. Then we are with organizers at a track in Sweden called T3mpus, where our children love to be part of the safe zone and help.

We have had wonderful friends and family, and Maggan’s little brother, who is no longer a player, but he helps a lot with the little ones. Our eldest son also sometimes plays on those courses that allow younger players to play. So we’ve never had a problem with it not working.

2019 was a busy year as Maggan was sponsored by a company with two more girls and had to play and be active as often as possible. That year she played 2-5 times a week on different courses around Sweden.

That year was a lot, but everything worked. We, as a couple, only get stronger, and we don’t even have to play together or on the same 

team. We love to play together but at the same time against each other.

This year, we are planning a big game with two others on our team in Croatia.

Airsoft players Maggan and Ezza

17. What advice would you give to couples interested in trying Airsoft together for the first time?

Everyone is a beginner from the beginning, and usually, the girls hesitate to try, and the ones who have a more challenging time getting in and starting.

But if you are new, start by seeing if a company or association nearby can help you borrow/rent things first since it is always better to borrow and try before buying your own items.

Many out on the tracks are willing to help and get one in the gang, and we can promise that you will make many new friends around your country and the world. No questions are stupid to ask. Better to ask than not understand or know the answers.

As a couple, you should support each other and hope that more girls who play take the girl under their wings and help the girl dare to start. It’s always harder for a girl to get into Airsoft than a guy. We need more girls in the Airsoft community around the world.

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