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How to Store Airsoft Guns

How to Store Airsoft Guns

Do you know how to store Airsoft guns properly?

When it comes to airsoft sports, acquiring all of the various guns and building your own collection is a big part of the fun. There are many ways to keep and store your Airsoft guns safe. Choose a storage strategy based on how much you value showing off your guns.

Choose gun bags if all you need is a convenient way to store and transport your guns. There is no alternative to a beautiful peg-style gun rack if you want to showcase your guns and use your collection as a talking point for visitors.

Always remember to empty the canister or disconnect the battery before storing your airsoft guns, as well as to switch the safety on and empty the magazine.

How to store your Airsoft guns safely

It surely wouldn’t hurt to treat an airsoft gun as if it were a real gun when storing it.

That is, when storing an airsoft gun, the same levels of safety that one would use when storing a real firearm should be used. Both the security of others in the house and the proper upkeep of the Airsoft gun will be guaranteed by doing this.

Keep in mind that an airsoft gun can last a very long time with proper care. This ought to be the strongest possible endorsement for appropriate care.

Some people might wonder whether the composition of the guns affects how they are stored. Metal and plastic are both used in the manufacture of some guns. There are few differences regarding how they should be taken care of.

Yes, plastic needs greater protection from heat and is more prone to scratches, but the general storage advice will mostly stay the same.

First, it’s a good idea to designate a particular area in the house as the storage location for all airsoft guns. As a result, it will be easier to locate your airsoft guns at all times, and there will be less misunderstanding.

1. Using a gun bag or case

Nylon is commonly used to make soft gun bags, which are a simple solution for storing and transporting your guns. Buy a soft bag that carries all the guns you frequently use. They don’t provide much protection, but they are quite inexpensive and make it easy to arrange your guns. Choose a color and style that appeal to you and match your personality.

  • These bags or cases come in various sizes, and most guns will fit inside a standard bag. If you’d prefer, you can purchase a smaller version designed specifically for handguns!
  • The less expensive bags are about $5, but a fancier bag with compartments and padding costs $20 to $50. These bags can only be purchased online or at specific stores. They are not available at your regular large box store.
  • You can use any case made for standard guns, but these will cost much more.

2. Creating a peg board gun rack

Pick a wall in your house or garage and construct a pegboard gun rack there to display your weapons like a pro. Set your guns out on the ground to get an idea of the space you need because these boards come in various sizes. To determine what size board you need to purchase, take a rectangular measurement around your weapons.

  • To create a larger board, you can join many smaller ones together. If you like, you can also use a circular saw to cut a pegboard to a specific size.
  • Separate rifles and shotguns by at least 6 inches (15 cm). Allocate at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) between each handgun. By doing this, you can avoid unintentionally knocking anything off the board when putting it on or taking it off.
  • You can purchase a peg board online or at your local hardware store.

Note: This is a perfect choice if you want to brag about your weaponry to visitors. Pack them in a gun bag if you wish to bring them to a competition or shooting range.

3. Stowing your guns safely

You must securely store your gun, whether you hang it from the pegboard or put it in your bag. Before reinstalling the magazine in the gun, unlock it and empty it. If any airsoft pellets are left in the gun, pull the chamber back and remove them.

Remove the lock and the battery if your gun is battery-operated and pops out. Locate the battery and disconnect the cords if it is hardwired to prevent it from draining.

If you have a gas-powered gun, ensure the magazine and chamber are both empty. Remove the gas canister. Then point your gun toward a pillow or another soft object. Pull the trigger many times to release the gun’s trapped gas. By doing this, the extra gas will be removed, making it safe to store your gun.

Warning: Although airsoft weapons aren’t as lethal as conventional weapons, the pellets can still cause skin injuries or take out an eye. Always handle your gun safely, clean the gun and clear its chambers before putting them away.

4. Organizing your Airsoft gear

Get a small metal or wooden chest. Place it in a garage or room corner. Fill it up with ammunition, uniforms, safety gear, and other airsoft supplies. You won’t have to worry about searching all over the place for your belongings because this is the most convenient way to keep everything in one place.

Keep the pellets in their original container if you have difficulty finding all of your ammunition. To make it simpler to find each package, spread them out on a single shelf.

If you want to experiment with different brands, you must maintain the original packaging. However, there may be better ways to arrange your ammunition because the pellets all essentially look the same.

  • It’s okay to keep things basic even though this is the most simple alternative! When everything is in one place, it is much simpler to find what you need.
  • A row of cubes can be set aside for apparel and accessories, a row for batters or canisters, and a row for ammo.
  • There are cloth boxes made just to fit inside these cube organizers. If you want a more classy look, pick up some of these.

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In conclusion, storing your airsoft guns properly is essential to prevent damage and keep them in good working order. Store them in a cool, dry place from the sun and away from any heat source. Be sure to keep them away from children and pets, and always handle them with care.

These simple tips will help ensure that your airsoft gun stays in good condition for years to come.