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How to Make Home-Made Airsoft Grenades

How to Make Home-Made Airsoft Grenades

Incorporating home made airsoft grenades can add a new dynamic to your games, elevating the experience even further. 

Like a military grenade, an airsoft grenade is designed to fire several BBs at once at several opposing players. The airsoft grenade will emerge as your best option if you want to reduce the enemy’s strength significantly and are prepared to invest some planning and preparation time.

In an airsoft field match, grenades are efficient at neutralizing your opponents. But the problem is that buying them can be expensive. Having said that, you can make your own airsoft grenades from home. 

While working with the materials and constructing the airsoft grenades, you must take all essential precautions.

You don’t want the airsoft grenades to explode while handling them accidentally. Wear safety gear, including goggles, at all times when conducting this activity.

This guide shows how to create potent homemade airsoft grenades. 

How you can make inexpensive homemade airsoft grenades

1. Plastic egg and firecracker

This method of creating airsoft grenades is exciting and risky at the same time.

As a warning, this technique must only be performed when all participants wear the proper eye protection and attire. 

  • Drill a sizable hole at the end of a plastic Easter that already has a hole. Make sure the hole is large enough to fit your fireworks snugly.
  • Make sure the fuse is on the outside of the egg and insert a tiny firecracker (often an m90 works well) into the freshly created hole.
  • 6mm bbs should be inserted into the remaining half of the egg. Don’t worry about buying costly ammunition; the less expensive ammunition will work just fine.
  • To prevent the egg from breaking during transit, seal it and tape it tightly.

You currently possess a useful airsoft grenade. Now all you have to do is blow a fuse and launch the grenade. Keep in mind that the fuse burns quickly, so light it when tossing it.

Remember that this is one of the riskier types of airsoft grenades, so proceed with extreme caution when producing, moving, and using the grenade.

2. Vinegar and baking soda

Most people have, at some point, created a “Works Bomb,” which involves placing small balls of aluminum foil in a plastic bottle with toilet cleanser and securing the lid. 

When cleaner and foil are combined, a chemical reaction produces gas, filling the bottle and exploding. The principle behind this kind of airsoft grenade is the same, but it is much safer.

  • One-third of a zip-lock bag should be filled with vinegar.
  • Add your 6mm bbs next. There is no limit to the number of bbs you can add. Do not, however, fill the bag to be full.
  • Get a paper towel and sprinkle baking soda evenly across the towel’s middle. After that, fold the paper towel’s corners to enclose the baking soda completely.
  • Only complete this step when you’re prepared to throw the grenade. Put the bag with the baking soda-containing paper towel inside, then close it and throw it away. Baking soda and vinegar combine to form an expanding gas that will cause the bag to burst and release the bbs.

The key to this airsoft grenade’s effectiveness is ensuring the bag’s seal is well fastened to ensure that the gas cannot exit and the bag will burst.

Caution: Vinegar is a great killer of plants and grass so be extra careful.

If you care about the environment and live a sustainable lifestyle, you might wonder about plastic bottles. Well, it’s much easier to pick up a bottle than 242 “bio bbs”.

3. Water balloon

The easiest type of airsoft grenade to make is this one. To make a simple and quick weapon, follow these steps:

  • Place about 50 6mm bbs inside a water balloon. This procedure can be sped up by using a speed load and wrapping the balloon’s opening around the loader’s funnel.
  • 10 ml of water should be added. If you use too much water, the ammunition won’t be able to fly in the air.
  • Fill the balloon almost to the point of rupture with air. In case you accidentally put too much air in it, it is a good idea to use eye protection while doing this.
  • Once you’ve tied the balloon off, you’re done.

The BBs in this variation will fly in the direction of the enemy upon impact with the ground or any structure.

4. Firecrackers

Firecrackers can also be used as airsoft grenades. All you need are firecrackers, a hot glue gun, and some airsoft BBs are the items you’ll need. When handling the firecrackers, exercise extreme caution.

  • Heat up the hot glue gun with the connected glue stick.
  • For easier access, pour the BBs onto a plate.
  • Ensure that some firecrackers are ready
  • Attach a line of firecrackers as soon as the glue is ready for sticking.
  • Continue dropping BBs on the firecracker line until it is completely covered.
  • About midway, bend the firecracker fuse. Throw the grenade when the light reaches this midpoint after lighting the fuse.

When making this grenade, use all appropriate safety measures because it contains explosives.

Avoid letting any heat touch the fuse; otherwise, the firecracker will explode in your face, shooting BBs.

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Going extra mile

Watch The French Maker making reusable impact sound airsoft grenade made from scrap stuff.

The system is simple: He made a groove in the hammer, and when you pull on it, this groove gets caught on a piece of steel. When the grenade takes a shock, the hammer dislodges from the piece of steel that retains it.

It then goes down and set off a percussion cap like a cap toy gun. This creates a loud cracking sound. The spoon is spring-loaded and prevents the striker from dislodging. The safety pin retains the spoon, and that’s it.

This project took him about 20 hours.

Be careful with percussion caps and when you use power tools.

Watch the whole tutorial video, with a lot of details:


In conclusion, making your own airsoft grenades can be a fun, cheap, and exciting hobby for airsoft enthusiasts. However, it is essential to remember that these homemade grenades should only be used in controlled and safe environments, such as designated airsoft fields or arenas.

Additionally, it is crucial to follow proper safety precautions and guidelines when constructing and using these grenades to prevent injury or damage to property.

Overall, with the right knowledge, skills, and safety measures, building your own airsoft grenades can be a great way to reduce costs and enhance the airsoft experience for both yourself and others.