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Gears of War Movie Is Coming to Netflix

Gears of War Movie Is Coming to Netflix

Netflix is teaming up with The Coalition to bring fans new versions of the Gears of War movie.

It was recently announced that a “Gears of War” live-action film and an animated series are in the works at Netflix. This is big news for fans of the popular video game franchise, and it’s also good news for airsoft and paintball players who enjoy cosplaying as their favorite characters from the games. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming projects.

The “Gears of War” franchise is set on a hostile planet called Sera, which is home to humans and a race of creatures called Locusts. The Locusts constantly attack the humans, and they must use all their strength and ingenuity to survive. The games follow the stories of several human characters as they fight for their lives against the Locusts.

The script for the Gears of War movie will be written by Chuck Hogan, novelist and screenwriter best known for his work on “The Strain” and “13 Hours.”

There’s yet to be a word on who will star in the film or when it will be released, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.