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VFC M3 MAAWS/Carl Gustaf Airsoft Rocket Launcher

VFC M3 MAAWS/Carl Gustaf Airsoft Rocket Launcher

What could be more badass than rocking an airsoft rocket launcher? Here’s a review of the VFC M3 MAAWS Carl Gustav rocket launcher – one of the most popular launchers on the market. 

The Carl Gustav VFC M3 MAAWS is a high-quality airsoft rocket launcher that looks and feels very realistic. 


  • Light-weight design
  • Realistic operating function
  • Realistic 84mm shell model
  • Able to fire 40mm rubber grenades
  • Additional 20mm trail sight mount
  • 40mm gas grenade X1
  • 40mm rubber grenade head X4  


Diameter: 64mm

Overall length: 1065mm

Inner tube length: 400mm

Weight (including shell): 3400g

Number of capacity: 1 round

Did you know?

The Carl-Gustaf system has a long history, which stretches back to 1948. Here are some interesting facts:

  • The name comes from the factory where the first version of Carl-Gustaf® was manufactured.
  • Every munition for Carl-Gustaf® has a caliber of 84mm. Every munition is compatible with each version of the weapon.

Although some may say Carl Gustaf is not a rocket launcher, but a recoilless rifle. In the end, “rocket launcher” is a more known layman’s term.

If you’re looking for a realistic rocket launcher that packs a serious punch, then the Carl Gustav is definitely worth considering. 

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