Can’t Fit Glasses under Your Goggles? Try OTG Goggles for Airsoft and Paintball

otg goggles airsoft

Need to wear glasses while you play Airsoft or Paintball? Grab some OTG goggles!

We all know playing Airsoft requires protective gear, including eye protection. But what if you need to wear glasses, and how to play with them?

OTG goggles are an excellent option for airsoft players who wear glasses. OTG stands for “Over The Glasses” and describes our frame design designed to combine ski goggles and optical glasses. OTG goggles provide a comfortable and secure fit while offering protection for the player’s eyes. The lenses are also usually shatterproof, providing extra protection for the eyes in case of accidental impact.

Can’t fit prescription glasses under your goggles? Here are the top 5 OTG goggles or masks that are great for not misting up and for those who need to fit prescription glasses underneath.

In this video, Orange Spartan shows you how and why OTG goggles can give you all the performance your need while still wearing your specs!