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7 Best Airsoft AK Rifles

7 Best Airsoft AK Rifles

A guide through the best Airsoft AK rifles

The AK, or Avtomat Kalashnikova, is a series of assault rifles first made by Mikhail Kalashnikov, a Soviet weapons designer. The Soviet military started using the AK-47, the first and most well-known model in the series, in 1948.

The AK-47 was made a reliable and long-lasting weapon that could handle harsh conditions. It used a long-stroke gas piston system and a rotating bolt, making it reliable and easy to maintain. 

Airsoft AKs are made to look, feel, and work just like real AKs. Airsoft players often choose AKs because they have an iconic look and are known for being durable and reliable. 

Some airsoft AKs even come with features such as foldable stocks, adjustable sights, and rail systems that allow for the attachment of accessories like scopes and flashlights.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best airsoft AKs on the market and discuss their features and specs. Whether you are an experienced airsoft player or a newcomer to the sport, this guide will help you choose the best airsoft AK for your needs.

7 Best Airsoft AK AEGs

1. GHK AKM Gas Blowback Rifle

The GHK AKM gas airsoft rifle is one of the most accurate copies of the legendary AKM. You can easily mistake it for an accurate steel rifle at first glance, making it a favorite option with players and collectors alike.

It has excellent recoil impulse, a great rate of fire, high gas efficiency, and access to a wide range of upgrades. However, the hop-up unit can be a little troublesome at times.


  • Very realistic
  • Strong Construction
  • Accessories made of real wood.
  • Strong Recoil Impulse.
  • Outstanding Aftermarket Support.


  • Troublesome Hop-Up Unit.
  • Often out of stock due to popularity 

2. Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR

This is Tokyo Marui’s first entry into the gas-powered airsoft AK market, and they did it with a bang. The Tokyo Marui AKM is based on the company’s critically acclaimed ZET system, also present in the wildly popular M4 MWS. 

This means the AKM has great gas efficiency, accuracy, and performance in semi-auto and full-auto modes. Upgradeable parts for this weapon are also widely available. 

Some users are disappointed with how faux wood components have been added as it isn’t as durable. 


  • Makes use of the widely acclaimed ZET system.
  • Excellent Gas Efficiency.
  • Incredible Performance Whether Semi-Auto or Full-Auto.
  • Aftermarket Support.


  • Lower Base FPS.
  • Faux wood components could be stronger. 

3. LCT PP-19-01

Players worldwide were delighted when LCT released the PP-19-01 since many of them desired to acquire this 9mm variant of the AK used by different Russian police and military units.

The PP-19 is a great example of LCT’s quality because of its strong build, attention to detail, and exceptional performance. It has a top Picatinny rail for mounting optics and other accessories and a folding stock to make transporting it easier.


  • popular 9mm style.
  • High-Quality Externals
  • Top Picatinny Rail and Folding Stock.


  • Expensive 

4. CYMA AK Series

The CYMA AK series of electric airsoft guns are excellent shooters right out of the box. It’s perfect for players who love to modify their weapons since they are based on Tokyo Marui specs. 


  • Accessories and Steel Receiver Set.
  • Perfect for Modifying
  • Affordable.
  • Large Selection of Upgrading Parts.


  • It could be more durable 

5. Hephaestus HTS-14

The HTS-14 is a stylish model based on the GHK platform. It’s gas-efficient, and its small size makes it ideal for CQB. Given that it is so compact, there isn’t much space for a handguard, but its excellent accuracy and unique style make up for this.


  • Unique Design.
  • Bullpup configuration.
  • Outstanding gas efficiency
  • Reliable.


  • Not large enough for a handguard

6. Real Sword Type 56

The Real Sword Type 56 is an incredibly well-built electric airsoft gun manufactured using the same processes as the real AKs. 

The receivers are made of blued steel, while the accessories are made of real wood. Type 56 is a more versatile airsoft weapon because it’s electric and can be used all year round. 


  • Manufactured using the same techniques as the real steel version.
  • Blued Steel Receiver Set.
  • The accessories are made of real wood.
  • Powered by electricity


  • Expensive
  • Rubbery Bayonette

7. NPOAEG AK-12/AK12 New Version

The NPOAEG AK12 is a durable and skillfully constructed electric airsoft gun from Russia, where the AK was invented. The real steel AK-12 was being considered at its production as the next standard-issue service rifle for the Russian military. In other words, this was the only AK-12 available in the airsoft community for a while.

The airsoft weapon is ready to use right out of the box and features various steel parts. On the downside, some users are disappointed that finding upgradeable parts is difficult. 


  • Accurate replica
  • First AK12 of its kind.
  • Made of durable steel components


  • Expensive
  • Very few upgrade parts are available compared to other brands


Choosing the best airsoft AK largely depends on the preferences and needs of the person. However, there are several factors to consider when selecting an airsoft AK, such as build quality, durability, accuracy, and overall performance.

Before making a purchase, it is essential to research, read reviews, and test different models to find the one that best meets your needs. 

With the right airsoft AK in hand, you can enjoy an immersive airsoft experience that will keep you coming back for more