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250 Airsoft Guns Shooting Compilation

250 Airsoft Guns Shooting Compilation

Watch the project inspired by Khanseb and made by the USAirsoft channel. The participants were different Airsoft shops, private collectors, and Airsoft fields from different countries who provided airsoft replicas for this project.

The project took a lot to put together, a lot of sourcing, a lot of research, and a lot of patience. As USAirsoft claimed, the intention was to create a video to make nonairsofters ask, “they have one of those in airsoft?” and to make every causal airsofter aware of the Airsfot opportunities.

“Hundreds of enthusiasts had a hand to piece my idea together and now the world can enjoy every second of it. I challenge with great excitement for any enthusiasts to one day surpass this gathering of 250 airsoft replicas with a video project of their own. As this project was inspired by Khanseb, I too hope to inspire someone. There are many more airsoft replicas out there than just 250, 300, or even 1,000 and I hope to see them in the future as our hobby grows and encourages the youth to get out and enjoy their lives.”

Watch the video:

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